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  1. theinvisiblerep

    DJ classes in Dublin

    Not sure Fade St is the strongest of endorsements but cheers all the same. Actually found some decent videos on youtube so might just pick up a set of decks and give it a whirl.
  2. theinvisiblerep

    DJ classes in Dublin

    Hey, I've been planning on giving DJing a shot for a while now and think I'd be best served getting a few classes from someone who knows their stuff. Can anyone here recommend someone? Preferably in Dublin city centre. Any equipment suggestions would be welcome too - I'm planning on mixing...
  3. theinvisiblerep

    Roland TD9K (electronic drumkit) For Sale

    Heyo. I'm selling my Roland TD9K - its in great condition and I'm selling as I'm moving to a smaller place and don't want it to rot in my parents' attic. The kit is in perfect condition (bar one cymbal which can be a little finicky now and again but perfect 90% of the time). The toms and snare...
  4. theinvisiblerep

    An app for you crazy kids with crazy kids

    No Android at the moment I'm afraid but if it takes off then you can probably expect a version for your droidheads.
  5. theinvisiblerep

    An app for you crazy kids with crazy kids

    My latest project: Leave your email address at that page to receive a discount on release. Let the slagging begin.
  6. theinvisiblerep

    Anyone know some great web designers?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a web designer to do up a portfolio for me (I'm a web developer) and was wondering if anyone knew one? Typing "creative web design ireland" into google throws up some pretty drab designers... Cheers.
  7. theinvisiblerep

    Thank you Thumped

    I was gutted when I missed out on tickets to Jeff Mangum at Whelans and only through the magic of the thumped mailing list saw that it was moved to Vicar Street where I promptly secured tickets on the interweb. Bit of a dream come true to see this guy live and I just wanted to thank Pete cos it...
  8. theinvisiblerep

    X Factor 2011 Predictor App for iPhone and Android

    Howdy folks, You may be aware that the X Factor live shows start this evening so if you're into that sort of thing (or know someone who is) then please mention the F Xactor app to them (name changed for creative and legal reasons) to them. Chairs!
  9. theinvisiblerep

    Driving on a provisional licence unaccompanied.

    Solid advice, cheers - I recently failed the test after taking a single driving lesson the evening before (i hadn't driven in about 4 years prior to that) and the driving instructor told me I was more or less a grand driver and all I needed was some solid road experience. I don't fancy shelling...
  10. theinvisiblerep

    Driving on a provisional licence unaccompanied.

    The guvment have obviously tightened up on the whole driving unaccompanied the last few years. I started driving about 8 years ago but need to go back driving regularly now on my provisional - will be doing the test soon. Are the rumours of 1000 quid fine for being unaccompanied true? Anybody...
  11. theinvisiblerep

    X Factor 2011 Predictor App for iPhone and Android

    Launched my app this week - happy out! For those who wish to check it out:
  12. theinvisiblerep

    X Factor 2011 Predictor App for iPhone and Android

    You know you want it!
  13. theinvisiblerep

    Neutral Milk Hotel

    Tickets sold out at 9:10 - FUCK! Absolutely gutted about this - can anyone who knows someone who's flogging tickets to get in touch with me? NMH are one of my absolute favourite bands of all time. Over I go to toutless...
  14. theinvisiblerep

    X Factor 2011 Predictor App for iPhone and Android

    Heyo, For all the fans of the X Factor out there I'd like to announce the new <a href="">X Factor</a> Predictor App for iPhone and Android! X Factor Predictor analyses online social activity to predict who will be knocked out of X Factor every week. Go to...
  15. theinvisiblerep

    First ever self assessment - AFRAID!

    So myself and a few friends started a company in 2009 but it only got incorporated in March 2010. I had done work for the company from September 2009 to March 2010 and during this time, I have been told, that I was effectively self employed and contracting for the company. I have had an...
  16. theinvisiblerep

    Can anyone tell me where the Revenues office on O Connell Street is?

    Need to go and do a bit of grovelling re: a late tax return. Can anyone describe where to find the office, say in relation to the Savoy or whatever?
  17. theinvisiblerep

    Tell me place in town that sells turntable mats

    thank you please.
  18. theinvisiblerep

    Question about apple tv's

    sup dawgs so id like a nice n handy way of playing movies I have on a hard drive straight to my tv - can anyone tell me if apple tv will solve this or does all that craic have to be bought off itunes? i understand if the files have to be playable by quicktime or whatever - i imagine i can...