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  1. Goodbye


    This has been a good while coming. Although I've made a lot of friends over the years, my time on Thumped has come to an end. Its just not fun here anymore. I've more people on my ignore list than I've ever had & when I take them off it resorts to the same old argumentative shite they always...
  2. Goodbye

    Recommend some podcast/public radio apps

    Podcasts are all well & good in the awl iTunes, but I've been getting more & more into dedicated apps for particular shows. Some free, some paid, some free with in app purchases/ subscriptions etc... On regular rotation are: WTF with Marc Maron This American Life WFMU NPR Radiolab MPR Radio...
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    Beck's New Album

    Buy the sheet music & record it yourself...
  4. Goodbye

    Mountain Lion

    Anyone rocking this yet? I'm still using Snow Leopard and wish to contemporize man... When I upgrade my os I like to do an erase & install from a backup... Since I never upgraded to Lion, I don't know if you can do this or are you tethered to feckin app store? Can you just download a DMG &...
  5. Goodbye

    Louie Season 3

    Anyone else watching this? The first episode last week was probably the funniest I've seen. Ep 2 was more of the same, but damn its a great show. "Why wasn't the Gorilla allowed in the Ballet?"
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    Underground Cinema screening

    The music video I made for The Spook will be screened this thursday night along with a program of other independently produced short irish films as part of the Underground Cinema screening series. That is all...
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    Chrome is huge

    So I've been clearing space on my HD and I've just noticed in the applications folder that the Chrome app is 2.3GB in size. What the flamin F? Anyone know why that is? I've a handful of extensions running but 2.3GB seems a tad excessive. Anyone know a handy way to clear some of that space?
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    Unknown Pleasures

    I'll never have a dump in a spacesuit.
  9. Goodbye

    Printer INk

    Ended up doing an "Office Space" on my printer today - was breaking my heart for too long. Thing is, I just put 80 quids worth of ink in it last week! Printed roughly 20 pages. Its Lexmark 36XL & 37XL. These are the XL yokes, the last pair I got lasted me over a year These inks are full...
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    Anyone know...

    ... how long it should take to format a 32gb SD card? I would have thought a few seconds... its still going now after 30 mins... is it shagged?
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    A glitch in the matrix...

    Seeing as the All Threads yoke seems to be the old school What's New? I've been using that instead. But: sex'd up live videos is ALWAYS there on the bar... What do you say to an All Threads shortcut? <chances arm>
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    Breaking Bad Season 5 - SPOILERS

    July 15 yo
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    The Meme Thread

    Keepin' The Non-Aninmated JPEG Thread clean
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    Disgusting fucking cats

    I'm at the end of my tether with local cats using my shed as a toilet. I nearly threw up there getting the garden furniture out, the stink of piss (especially now with the heat) and the rotten turds all over the place. I'm so tempted at this point to put down poison because I'm just sick of...
  15. Goodbye


    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at [path]/includes/class_dm_threadpost.php(758) : eval()'d code:63) in [path]/includes/bad-behavior/ on line 8 Kept telling me to wait 30 seconds even though I hadn't just already posted, then...
  16. Goodbye


    Anyone have the APK file for the Irish Times News app they could send me? The market don't work on my device Cheers Santino
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    Ad's you DON'T hate
  18. Goodbye

    Sebadoh Appreciation Thread

  19. Goodbye


    I guess only pete & RayRay are the only people who can help but here goes. It there a way to get FM radio on the BlackBerry? I can get streaming stuff from everywhere which is great on the awl wi-fi, but I don't want to eat up my data plan listening "on the go" So is there any way to use old...
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    The Ghost of Christmas Present