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  1. dunderhead

    Dirty Songs

    Listen to this filth from 1935. Fantastic. Post your dirty songs here.
  2. dunderhead

    A Bandcamp Waiving Fees Day Thread

    Second one of these today since this time last month. Admittedly didn't buy anything the last day but am planning on today. Picked up the Junior Brother LP and a Jon Brooks digital release a while ago but intend to pick up a few bits throughout the day. Surely, this has to be way more useful for...
  3. dunderhead

    Giving Your Credit Card Details Over The Phone

    booked a room for a couple of nights for a stag in May there earlier. Was in a rush when I rang the guesthouse and gave my details over the phone without giving it a thought. with hindsight, giving your CC number and 3 digit code on the back can't be the most secure thing to do. Anyone wanna...
  4. dunderhead

    2020 albums worth a listen...

    In January, Paul Weller is releasing an EP on Ghost Box Records. Gonna be interesting to hear
  5. dunderhead

    Tickets Wanted Supergrass (standing ticket) - Olympia 15th February, Saturday

    A friend and myself picked one up when they went on sale but another friend wants in now. Please give us a holler here if anything pops up for standing ticket. cheers
  6. dunderhead

    Validating Autographs

    a friend won a signed guitar years ago . It has a bunch of autographs from bands that played at Oxegen 2005. Sitting up in his attic doing nothing so he's gonna try and auction it for charity. There were some big names there that year such as Snoop Dogg, Queens Of Stone Age, Green Day...
  7. dunderhead

    Bargains 2019

    Boomkat sale at the minute. Always good stuff at good prices for their sale. Not touching it myself, tightening up on the record splurging for a while
  8. dunderhead

    BBC 4 Acid House Doc - Everybody In The Place

    as it says in the link.. A re-evaluation of acid house, a musical phenomenon that, as this film shows, did not spring out of nowhere, but owed its emergence to the social and political landscape of 1980s Britain. Really enjoyed this. Some great old footage from late 80s/early 90s England...
  9. dunderhead

    The Friday bad times Michael Jackson thread

    Just watched the doc Lock this thread. Christ.
  10. dunderhead

    Bargains 2018

    Portishead been soundtracking my jogging in the last week. Particularly Third in the last few days. Browsing on Norman Records there, they have a new reissue of it listed for £8.49. Deal. Bagged.
  11. dunderhead

    Lesser known albums/acts from the 70s that are worth checking out

    all in the thread title. Have a real soft spot for the 70s. whether it's rock and all the strands that go with that. Folk, electronic, funk/soul etc. For my ears the 70s were the most fruitful. Here's a thread to maybe highlight some gems that might not be that well known from that era...
  12. dunderhead

    Volume on stereo amp going to max volume automatically

    This has been happening on and off for a couple of years but a little more frequently lately. Twice in a month. As the thread title says, listening to something at about half volume and out of nowhere the fucking thing goes through the roof at full volume. Don't need that lingering shock always...
  13. dunderhead

    Tickets Wanted Grief Is The Thing With Feathers (Dublin)

    If anyone knows of a spare ticket going for this play at the O Reilly Theatre please give us a holler here. Runs from the 28th of March but I can only go between the 2-7th April. Cheers
  14. dunderhead

    New Music The Music Of S Town's John B McLemore

    Red Bull Music Academy Daily This is a pretty cool little story. Especially for fans of the podcast. Love the Chimes (first track) on the bandcamp. A small collection of ambient tunes/field recordings.
  15. dunderhead

    Tickets For Sale Ticket For Sale (London show) Music Of Stranger Things Live in London

    on in the Barbican on April 7th April. Saturday I think. Bought the ticket thinking I would be in London that weekend but it didn't work out. Selling a little below face value, £25. Pretty great seat. Lower Balcony, second row. Just off centre. Let me know or PM me to sort something if anyone...
  16. dunderhead

    Curb Season 9

    Not too impressed with the last 2 episodes. Liked the first one but am starting to think I was basing that on the fact I was watching a new episode. And on thinking back to season 8, I watched that when it aired originally too and remember being underwhelmed. Never watched them episodes a second...
  17. dunderhead

    Autumnal Music

    Love the Autumn (once it's not pissing rain). Generally tend to listen to more music on my stereo at this time of year so have found myself digging out pretty specific stuff to suit the weather/mood over the weekend. Naturally, different people will have different tastes. Autumn not in full...
  18. dunderhead

    The Swedish Progg Thread

    Been meaning to start this thread for a while. Having a read through the African thread last night, there was some good recommending going on. Would be great to get something similar here. In the last few years been buying and listening to a good bit of swedish releases from the 70s. Progg is...
  19. dunderhead

    Tickets When 'Guests' Must Arrive At Same Time As CC Holder

    is MCD still banned here? anyways... gonna try get tickets for LCD Soundsystem in Olympia later in the week. First time I've encountered something like this... Ticket limit: Maximum 4 per person / transaction. Please note the name of the lead attendee will be printed on each ticket. If you...
  20. dunderhead

    This Ain't No Disco

    Deserves it's own thread. Episode 2 was an hour of pure pleasure. Looks and sounds great throughout, once again. something of this standard produced through a few volunteers and out of the lad's passion to simply make something good is commendable. To think a national broadcaster wouldn't see...