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  1. Boobee

    I did not know it was a cover!

    Totally passed me by...
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    US Election 2020

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    Recently Purchased

    This: Then this, on foot of above:
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    Minor complaints thread

    I hope you're still at least in your jammies to make it somewhat bearable
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    Minor complaints thread

    Good for you, such discipline! I made myself go to the office because I knew I would do everything but work if I didn't. Currently sifting through 875367 emails while drinking lukewarm maxwell house with questionable milk. Such fun.
  6. Boobee

    Minor complaints thread

    Back to work after two weeks off. I hate everything.
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    Ads you HATE!!

    No screeeeeeeeeeeeeens at the taaayyyyybbbuull 🤯
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    Leo Varadkar

  9. Boobee

    Leo Varadkar

    I feel bad for Leo, maybe he was just trying to quote some more movies yo lighten the mood a little 🤷
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    Dating Apps OR Just signed up for Bumble. And Hinge.

    Were these other-halves at the wedding? Please tell me they were!
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    Coronavirus: Better Call Sol - CORONAMANIA

    Throw that up on the 'I hate this guy' thread too
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    The WTF Thread

    Dolezal 2.0
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    It's the Friday 80s Pop song thread

    Especially for @Unknown Convict
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    Recently Purchased

    Just discovered H.C. McEntire, bought her most recent album which I thoroughly recommend to anyone who hasn't yet had the pleasure:
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    i hate this guy

    Another example of an absolute bellend 'boyfriend':
  16. Boobee

    The Thumped Motoring Forum

    #toyotasrule 🤘
  17. Boobee

    Bored in Work 945

    I've been moaning about not being able to maintain work/home boundaries since we were sent home to work remotely in March. The office is now my tiny sitting room, and it's a mighty headfuck given the nature of my job. There's also no end in sight and that's another headfuck! 😵
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    The 'Bands I don't Get' thread

    Not sure if Kraftwerk have been mentioned already, so just in case: Kraftwerk.
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    Words and phrases that are soooo...meh! Like meh

    Yeh flamin' drongo