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  1. Unclealo

    Accommodation Sharing City centre rehearsal space

    Hi Folks, Slots available in Fred Lane basement. Secure city centre space. Wednesday and Thursday evenings free. Pm for details
  2. Unclealo

    Rehearsal Space available

    Hi all, Spaces available in Fred Lane rehearsal space. City Centre, secure, cheap. Residencies and one-offs available. PM for details. Cheers, Allen
  3. Unclealo

    Spook of the Thirteenth Lock - new album, new lineup

    Hi folks, A teaser for the new guitar orchestra record, details of new band line up, and details of Airwaves Iceland gig.
  4. Unclealo

    Pedals for sale

    Hi all, Flogging some old pedals that I never use these days. Dublin City Centre pickup Boss SD-1 overdrive €30 Boss GE-& eq €30 Boss BF-2 Flanger €30 Marhsall VR-10 Vibra Trem €30 Behringer pedal tuner TU300 €5 Behringer AB100 line selector €10
  5. Unclealo

    Guitar case repair

    Had my jag hard case forced open by airport security and damaged. Anyone know anywhere that would do guitar case repairs?
  6. Unclealo


    This is pretty cool
  7. Unclealo

    The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock - new video, website and free mp3 download

    Hi friends, Swore there was a thread on this last night, apologies if it's duplicated New Spuke video here by the very talented Reasonably Shorts for "the Brutal Here and Now (Part I)", from the album of the same title out April 13th. Dublin launch in Whelans the same night New website...
  8. Unclealo

    The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock, Boyles bar, Slane Thursday April 19th

    2UIBestow's Vantastival preview Boyles pub, Slane Thursday 19th of April
  9. Unclealo

    The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock, Thomastown Saturday April 14th

    The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock, with The Dinah Brand The Bridgebrook Arms Thomastown Saturday April 14th
  10. Unclealo

    The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock, Whelans Friday April 13th

    The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock Friday April 13th with Cian Nugent & Drunken Boat €12 with copy of the new album
  11. Unclealo

    The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock with Barry McCormack Thursday April 12th

    The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock with Barry McCormack Thursday April 12th The Triskel Arts Centre Cork
  12. Unclealo

    Spook of the Thirteenth Lock, Sal's bar Waterford

    The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock + guests tbc Sal's Bar Waterford Saturday April 7th
  13. Unclealo

    Rehearsal space slot available Dublin City Centre

    Hi all, We've a free slot in our rehearsal room off of Frederick Street in Dublin 1. It's a big enough room, full kit, bass amp, multiple guitar amps, PA inc mics, monitors. Monthly rental would be €70 for one week night slot and with additional slots depending on demand and availability on a...
  14. Unclealo

    Spook new album/ lineup change/ mini-tour details

    Some news/spam from The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock So we've been busy recording our second album with Steve Shannon. It's all in the can and about to be mixed. It's called "The Brutal Here and Now" and will be out on Transduction records towards the end of the Summer. In the meantime...
  15. Unclealo

    Ballroom #100: The End - Electric Eel Shock, Legion of Two and more

    So, after 8 years and 100 events the Ballroom of Romance Club winds up on the weekend of September 17th and 18th with two nights of great music. Thanks to all who helped, played and attended over the years. Ballroom # 100 (part I of II) Electric Eel Shock With Bob Slayer The...
  16. Unclealo

    Ballroom #100 (part 2 of 2 nights): Legion of Two and more

    The final ever Ballroom night Legion of Two Dinah Brand Glimmermen and more TBC
  17. Unclealo

    Ballroom #100 (part 1 of 2 nights): Electric Eel Shock and more

    Electric Eel Shock Bob Slayer with The Dudley Corporation Hounds & 1 TBC More info soon
  18. Unclealo

    Ballroom #99: Jogging, Squarehead, Pig, Fairlights Friday 23rd of July

    Ballroom #99 Jogging Squarehead Pig Fairlights Friday 23rd of July The Lower Deck FREE!!! Doors 9pm Jogging Jogging awakened in 2009. So far they have played some gigs with Parts & Labor, Ponytail, Adebisi Shank, BATS, Obits, THEMSELVES, The Redneck Manifesto and...
  19. Unclealo

    Ballroom #99: Jogging, Squarehead and more, Friday July 23rd

    Ballroom #99 Featuring Jogging Squarehead Pig Fairlights Free/ i.e. €0 cashmoney More info shortly
  20. Unclealo

    Ballroom #98: Marvin (AfricanTape, France) Saturday May 15th, The Lower Deck

    Ballroom #98 Marvin (AfricanTape, France) with Boxes Enemies Groundburst Saturday May 15th The Lower Deck €10, doors 9pm Marvin Marvin are Emilie, Fred and Greg, a guitar-drums-keyboards three piece from Montpellier, France. Marvin like to have fun, and want you to...