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  1. Janer

    Varukers/ Snubbed Pics Nov 2019 Undergound[email protected]/albums/72157714344789503?fbclid=IwAR0cpeyOsEAlMj65aKiTQfblI5mNgwjz4kCaKJPgIxDX3frzmAGC7wh0vgU
  2. Janer

    FOAD present The Restarts Sat Dec 1st The Taproom @ Drop Dead Twice Dublin

    Restarts / Dubtones /The NilZ click on for full set
  3. Janer

    FOAD present P.A.I.N Sat Nov 24th The Taproom @ Drop Dead Twice Dublin

    P.A.I.N. / Skeleton Crew click on for pix
  4. Janer

    Grade2, The Nilz, Vulpynes at Drop Dead Twice. February 18th

    Grade 2 / The NilZ
  5. Janer

    Wonk Unit Pics

    This gig in Temple Bar brought out many an old face I hadn't seen in ages. Wonk Unit/ Jobseekers / NilZ
  6. Janer

    The Nilz EP Launch Friday Jan 26th

    NilZ EP release
  7. Janer

    Immaculate Deception / The Nilz

    The NilZ / Immaculate Conception
  8. Janer

    Immaculate Deception / The Nilz

  9. Janer

    Pics of Paranoid Visions gig last night.

    Paranoid Visions
  10. Janer

    Discharge + Support [Pics]

    May 13th Voodoo Lounge on the Quays.
  11. Janer

    Discharge + Support [Pics]

    Thought they were excellent and I'll be dying to see them a second time to confirm that.
  12. Janer

    Discharge + Support [Pics]

    Discharge + support
  13. Janer

    Last night's Polish gig in Bohs

    Polish night in Bohs
  14. Janer

    Xslf / Takers n Users / Hooligan / Kiss My Acid 8th April Fibbers

    Excellent band.
  15. Janer

    999 / xSLF -June 17th Thomas House-

    999 70s Punk legends xSLF Half of the original SLF in Henry Cluney and Jim Reilly Hooligan
  16. Janer

    Konflikt Saturday 21/1/17 Fibbers

    Konflikt Click on pic for full set.