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  1. Lefty Frizzell

    New TV

    I want need a new TV but not sure what to go for. I have a 6 year old 32" Sony Bravia. I got it for €350 in 2007 and it looked shite back then. I'm looking for LED 42/46", I don't want a smart tv or 3D, I need Saorview. Where's the best place to get them? Are LG or Toshiba any use?
  2. Lefty Frizzell

    Super Diageo Brothers

    to arthur!
  3. Lefty Frizzell

    Why exactly are macs so overpriced?

    Does anyone have a good explanation for this?
  4. Lefty Frizzell

    Keith Floyd RIP

    He died around the same time channel 4 aired documentary about him last night. Sad.
  5. Lefty Frizzell

    Farming Simulator

    Anyone played this?
  6. Lefty Frizzell

    Man in Cornwall found pleasuring himself in a muckspreader

    Dirty article.
  7. Lefty Frizzell

    Calor Housewife Awards 2009

    On RTE1 now.
  8. Lefty Frizzell

    Worst signings of all time

  9. Lefty Frizzell

    Hollandaise sauce

    Is it possible to get this stuff ready made like in a jar? Thanks.
  10. Lefty Frizzell

    Horslips to play....The o2???

    I just can't see them selling 14,000 tickets
  11. Lefty Frizzell

    Mad street accordian player

    Does anyone know the mad accordian player who torments people in the Grafton St area? I've seen him on Wicklow St a few times. He looks mediterranean. I need to get in touch with him. Any kind of contact information would be great. Thanks.
  12. Lefty Frizzell

    Barry Normans pickled onions

    They sound delicious.
  13. Lefty Frizzell

    Anyone use this site? I ordered a few kits off them and a friend of mine put a pedal together for me. Sounds awesome. It uses the schematic for the orignal tube screamer but the resulting pedal more versatile. The tone and gain have more range basically. The tube screamer kit was 25...
  14. Lefty Frizzell

    Palace to lose pool tables next month

    I just heard that all the pool tables are being taken out of the palace and its to be turned into a bar/nightclub. Its the end of an era.
  15. Lefty Frizzell

    The muffins in Insomnia taste like fish

    What the fuck is going on? I almost just vommed.
  16. Lefty Frizzell

    Lap Steel guitar

    Any players? I wanna buy one but i'm afraid it'll end up in the wardrobe with my karate suit, snowboard and didgeridoo.
  17. Lefty Frizzell

    I need a very small philips head screwdriver

    Where can i pick one up in town? Thanks.
  18. Lefty Frizzell

    Macbook hard drive dead

    I upgraded it myself so apple won't fix it. I need a 2.5" 500gb sata drive today. Someone mentioned max burns to me. Where are they? Are maplins worth heading over to? Thanks.
  19. Lefty Frizzell

    Hells Kitchen

    Anyone following this? I reckon Miss Dynamite and Bruce Grobbelaar are dark horses.
  20. Lefty Frizzell

    Fresh or dried porcini mushrooms?

    Is there a huge difference between fresh and dried when cooked? Wheres a good place to pick up either in Dublin? Thanks.