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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

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    What was it like seeing Batman in theaters in 1989?

    My auld lad brought me my mam and sister to the Savoy in Dublin to see it Honestly i dont remember much i was only 6 But i do remember the opening with music and the bat symbol slowly revealing itself and people freaking out wondering what it was Even now when i hear that music im back...
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    New Weezer

    Pretty much this
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    Guitarist / Vocalist for Awesome Alternative Rock Band

    Male or Female Guitarist/Vocalist required for awesome alternative rock band 1) Our influences are wide and varied within the Alternative rock spectrum but think Pixies, Sonic Youth, At The Drive In, Pumpkins, Hot Snakes as reference 2) Both Guitarist Drummer and Bassist have over 10 years...
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    Music nowadays is shit: Discuss.

    Could you imagine RTE trying to pull off something like this?? Crispy Dignam would get a line for sure!
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    We released an album awhile back, it was f-ing good too! Check it! The Velourias
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    I'm cyberbullying Mundy

    Its about as far away from brass eye as you can get tbh, the whole thing come's across as just having a cheap shot at Mundy
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    New retarded cop
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    Album artwork,

    Hey Guys, My band has finished our first album and we 'd like to talk to people about doing some album artwork. If there is anyone here with an interest in creating some cool artwork for our album then please do drop a PM. This will be paid work, Many thanks
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    whatever happened to Humanzi?

    Bowie, Reed, Iggy, Berlin! was fierce craic like.
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    whatever happened to Humanzi?

    Bowie, Reed, Iggy, Berlin! was some craic like.
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    Why am I so underwhelmed by music these days?

    Download Spotify, whack the headphones on and your all set. No excuses!
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    I saw Weezer at leeds fest a couple of weeks ago. They where absolutely gash, you know Rivers doesn't even play guitar with band anymore. He just runs around on stage like an attention seeking pillock. The whole Hurley album cover thing is embarrassing beyond belief!
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    Saturday Night on Thumped

    A curry from my local Indian, match of the day on the box and some lovely beers chilling in the fridge. Awesome .|..|
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    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    Baroness - a horse called golgotha Duel guitar mayhem, feel the riffs!!!
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    The Jay Reatard Thread

    This sucks, R.I.P dude!
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    I have a band.

    Skinny jeans??
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    Bob Dylan's new single is great .|..| BAH HUMBUG to anyone who disagrees!!
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    Acceptable age dif for bandmates?

    Yer wan on the drums is a ride!
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    BP Fallon is a wanker

    BP Falace