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    Unreal live versions of songs you forgot you loved or whatever

    Unwieldy thread title notwithstanding ..check the fuck out of how tight this act are! And Bruce Lee on the bongos! Unreal hai
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    Isolated Vocals

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    Birthday impulse buy

    So I was up the north for me birthday and stopped in to sound shop in Drogheda on my way home to look at an Aria superstrat they had and ended up coming bout with this instead. Unreal guitar for €260. Recommended for anyone looking for a strat on a budget. Great sounding and playing guitar. Aria...
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    Giordai ua Laoghaire documentary

    I came across this just there... reminded me of the time Giordai got me to play in some yoke with loads of was some art yoke..that I didn't understand as a young lad. Doubt if I'd understand it still
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    Ratso - Shut Your Face

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    Gary Showbiz- Bacteria

    The latest emanations from the shed
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    My first new music in years

    Well,when you have a studio shed ya gotta use it
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    The Flies new group from Roscommon

    Here comes the next generation with a catchy tune and ner a Dublin accent to be heard Couple of eps on Bandcamp
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    Building a music shed

    I'm building a music shed..not for band practice..just recording vocals and producing..playing a bit of electric guitar natch. Not gonna do it out of concrete ,can't afford it. Gonna do it out of timber...and rockwool. Has anyone here done something like this?
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    Over 900 Peel Sessions Linked to Their YouTube Upload
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    I never knew they wrote it!

    I for one never knew Mike Batt wrote Bright Eyes ..mind blown
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    The Lemon Twigs

    I never heard of these dudes before .. thought I'd share this
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    Possum - Space Grade Assembly

    I can't get enough of this album .. check it out
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    Considering streaming options

    I'm changing phone provider next week so I have no reason to stay with Google Music,as I was paying for that subscription with my unused credit., I'm considering changing over to Spotify purely because if someone posts a playlist online its always Spotify . I have my reservations though. GPM is...
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    77th World Science Fiction Convention

    Im surprised none of you nerds arent going to this
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    Gemma Dunleavy - Better 4 U

    Just came across this lady on twitter
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    Cool Lightning Bolt video

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    Siouxsie And THe Banshees photos
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    tenor guitar