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  1. Pedronimus

    Where did I take this photo?

    Hello Proper Photographers, I'm scanning some old photos but can't place where I took a few. I think this was taken in the Arizona Desert but it may possibly be New Mexico. Is there an online tool where I could upload the photo and it would narrow down some possible locations? I just wanna know...
  2. Pedronimus

    Song Challenge: Pro-Government Songs

    Anyone know any? We were trying to think of one on Saturday night and the nearest thing we could think of was the Okie From Muskogie. Anti-Hippy, Anti-Protester songs would do too. Here's Merle anyway...
  3. Pedronimus

    Jerry Lee Lewis

    Never listened to him properly till this evening. I get it now. Anyone got any other vids or recommendations?
  4. Pedronimus

    Spartacus: Blood and what have you.

    Anyone else a fan? The dialogue is comedy gold.
  5. Pedronimus

    I Heart Cavan Hero.
  6. Pedronimus

    Where do all the Chinese people go out in Dublin?

    Or do they go out at all?
  7. Pedronimus

    Gary and Danielle's Northern Exposure

    The new worst program on television. Cunts I'll probably watch it again though.
  8. Pedronimus

    Room Wanted Near Heuston Station

    If anyone knows of a Double room going within reasonable walking distance of Heuston Station give me a pm. Will be able to move in on Sept 1st. Somewhere in Stoneybatter, Kilmainham, Smithfield and the like. Car parking preferred, but not absolutely essential. And somewhere to park a bike.
  9. Pedronimus

    Drummer/Guitarist and future Rick Wakeman Available

    Hello, I want to play music again, I think its the sunny weather. I want to play drums or guitar, preferably guitar as its less gear to carry. I'm also learning the piano and have the opening riff to smoke on the water nearly mastered, should the need for a crowd pleaser arise. I'm only willing...
  10. Pedronimus

    George Monbiot Vs Hazel Blears

    Worth a read...
  11. Pedronimus

    North Carolina (Raleigh to be specific)

    Hello Travel Fans, I have a chance to go and work in Raleigh NC for a year. I've never been there but I did spends 2 months in Myrtle Beach SC on a J1 which was eh 'interesting'. Anyone ever spend a prolonged period of time in NC? I have a Raleigh bike should I bring it with me? I'm not...
  12. Pedronimus

    A cop of Tea reheated in a microwave...

    ...tastes fine. So now you know. Edit: The title should of course said 'cup'. I've yet to drink tea out of a policeman.
  13. Pedronimus

    Radiohead and the Environment

    So Radiohead are appealing to everyone to cycle to the gig in Malahide Castle for the sake of the environment. But they are in the middle of this tour schedule... ...with associated tour buses, flights, trucks, large sound and light systems. Looks like alot of...
  14. Pedronimus

    In Bed With Chris Needham

    For anyone who has ever started a band or been into heavy metal. This is the greatest piece of television ever...... 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)
  15. Pedronimus

    The Bogmen

    I don't know why they are not more famous. comes from this page...
  16. Pedronimus

    Cycling Holiday

    Anyone ever been on one. Thinking of going for a long weekend in ireland. Then if that goes ok maybe abroad somewhere. Anyone ever done one? Any suggestions? I suppose I need the following: 1. Bike 2. Small Tent 3. Spare Clothes Don't fancy paying for b&bs or someone to cart my gear around. It...
  17. Pedronimus


    Awesome Movie Trailer