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  1. Phil_Insane

    Guitarist / Vocalist for Awesome Alternative Rock Band

    Male or Female Guitarist/Vocalist required for awesome alternative rock band 1) Our influences are wide and varied within the Alternative rock spectrum but think Pixies, Sonic Youth, At The Drive In, Pumpkins, Hot Snakes as reference 2) Both Guitarist Drummer and Bassist have over 10 years...
  2. Phil_Insane

    Album artwork,

    Hey Guys, My band has finished our first album and we 'd like to talk to people about doing some album artwork. If there is anyone here with an interest in creating some cool artwork for our album then please do drop a PM. This will be paid work, Many thanks
  3. Phil_Insane

    Guitarist Wanted!

    Rifle Fire Rifle are a three-piece alternative rock band based in Dublin. We're looking for a second guitarist to give us a few more options. You can hear what we sound like here: Those are old songs and our new stuff is a bit more sophisticated. We're not...
  4. Phil_Insane


    Went to see them last week in the Village, they were pretty good! Roddy Womble doesnt give it half as much on stage anymore though, the onward march of age no doubt. Jesus i dont think he's even 30 yet Im a big fan of there first few albums. Anybody else go??
  5. Phil_Insane

    Trail of Dead.....????

    Highly under rated band, there new album is rather good. Anybody else a fan......
  6. Phil_Insane

    Calling all Drummer

    Drummer wanted for the 3 piece band Jessica Insane <FONT size=3><FONT face="Times New Roman">