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    What movie did you watch last night?

    We watched Borat last night..was alright. I was tired and wasn't in the mood for laughing. The daughter loved it, naturally. Orphan yesterday. I forgot I saw it when it came out. It's good if you haven't seen it. Still good fun otherwise. The first 30 mins of Rebecca the other night but it got...
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    What movie did you watch last night?

    I'm in the scare the shite out of them while you can school of thought. My lifelong love of the genre is because I saw Zombie Flesh Eaters et al when they came out on VHS. I couldn't pull the curtains in my bedroom for about 4 years after seeing Salem's Lott on the telly. Horror films lost a...
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    Minor complaints thread

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    Minor Pleasures

    Who knows! I have hopes for both activities
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    Clocks go back

    Agreed. What a load of old bollocks
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    Major Complaints Thread

    Thumped keeps freezing on Chrome on mobile
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    Minor Musical Observations

    I noticed a cough in the right channel of the Velvet Underground's Here comes the sun. Also Fujiya and Miyagi are basically updated late 70s Can.
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    Minor Pleasures

    Renovated my gfs mam's bathroom. Complete remodel with shower install..looks fucking awesome. Put on a about a stone doing it ..old school much dessert.
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    Can we have a guitar pedals thread?

    Yeah I've got that one the reverb the analog delay and the super fuZz..gonna get the tuner and the chorus too..probably the flanger. Shur why not they're ridiculously cheap and sound great
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    Can we have a guitar pedals thread?

    I'm making a behringer pedal board at the minute...just for the crack
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    The Non-Animated JPEG Thread

    That picture is 100 years old
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    The Non-Animated JPEG Thread

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    The Non-Animated JPEG Thread

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    Books From Your Teens

    Ahh yes! I remember it now!
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    Books From Your Teens

    Harlan Ellison is AMAZING. I brought a massive anthology of his home from the states I remember vividly now, buying it in Borders in Forest Hills Queens the same weekend as I bought my Blueberry imac! Aww man good times! Dance Macabre was a great read. I had read every King book when I was 18...
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    Unreal live versions of songs you forgot you loved or whatever

    Unwieldy thread title notwithstanding ..check the fuck out of how tight this act are! And Bruce Lee on the bongos! Unreal hai
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    Songs that you forgot you loved...

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    Isolated Vocals

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    Stupidly good guitar playing

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    Happy Birthday, Cormcolash

    HBC! No man can really know him