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  1. el Jefe

    SuperFi Records - label/distro

    Hiya, been a while since I posted here! Sorry about that. I moved to Ireland and have a bunch of records, tapes and zines to sell, new and old(ish). I also love posting long lists on forums. New in the distro: Ballpeen - Pachinko CS Cerebral Rot - Odious Descent Into Decay LP Chepang - Chatta...
  2. el Jefe

    Art Of Burning Water

    Just thought I'd start a thread for a band I'm in called Art Of Burning Water. We'll be playing in Ireland at the end of the year and thought you lot might want to hear us beforehand and tell us where we are going wrong. We are London-based, been going about 12 years (although I just joined...
  3. el Jefe

    Tourist stuff in Dublin: 16-20th April?

    Hi guys, just sorted a last minute holiday for me and the missus to Dublin arriving Thursday morning and buggering off again on Monday night. Does anyone have suggestions for things to see and do? Usual touristy shit would be great, as well as routes that are less well trodden. Any gigs...
  4. el Jefe

    700+ records and CDs for sale (some rare!)

    Hello! A friend of mine decided to get rid of most of his records, so I have taken it upon myself to help him out a bit and get some of them sold. Here's how I thought it would work: - check out the list, and see what you'd like to buy - send me an email ([email protected]) saying what...
  5. el Jefe

    The Death Of Her Money / Johnny Mental - UK / Ireland tour

    The Death Of Her Money mighty, monged, stoner grooves with krautrock repetition Johnny Mental vicious, dillinger style tech metal from south wales Feb 21 - Belfast, Lavary's w/ Escape Fails Feb 22 - Strabane, Dicey Riley's...
  6. el Jefe

    SuperFi Records news

    Hi there! 2008 is already upon us, and in typical SuperFi tradition, a bunch of things are coming out more or less at the same time, so here's a rundown as to what's coming your way. TAINT - Secrets And Lies 2xLP First up will be the second album from the UK's premier stoner-hardcore fusion...
  7. el Jefe

    SuperFi Records - Summer '07 News [AoFR / Jinn CDs out soon]

    Hello everyone, SuperFi Records is a UK-based label that puts out and distributes a whole bunch of hardcore, punk, metal, noise, doom, stoner, grind and more. Feel free to check us out at or
  8. el Jefe

    SuperFi Records news [Taint / Snowblood / Moss etc.]

    Hi everyone, hope you're well! Here's a quickish update on what's going on in the SuperFi camp. As always see if you can't be bothered to read all this and to see the latest additions to the store. We now have handy paypal buttons for you UK residents. If you live...
  9. el Jefe

    SNOWBLOOD in Ireland - 9th-11th Sept.

    SNOWBLOOD return to Ireland! Sat. 9th Sept. - DUBLIN Sun. 10th Sept. - CORK Mon. 11th Sept. - BELFAST I'm pretty sure this is how it's looking, but I don't know the nitty-gritty details like venues and support bands. Anyone any the wiser?
  10. el Jefe

    SuperFi Records news

    HELLO We're still here! Just haven't updated the news in a while. Sorry. We joined MySpace. Please feel free to add us: And we're always at too. -------------------------------------- ARMY OF FLYING ROBOTS In the works is a...
  11. el Jefe

    Tractor demo

    Hi there. Tractor isn't from Ireland (Bristol, UK in fact) but I thought you might be interested in hearing our new demo. Let us know what you think.
  12. el Jefe

    SuperFi Records (label/distro)

    Hi everyone, hope you’re all well! If you can’t be arsed to read all this, you could just go check out instead. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FLATLANDS / SUNSHINE REPUBLIC - split 12” Flatlands are seriously heavy in a stripped-down Neurosis style...
  13. el Jefe

    The Endless Blockade - "Turn Illness..." LP - out now!

    THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE "TURN ILLNESS INTO A WEAPON" LP This is the new band featuring Andy who played in Shank and Ebola. He moved over to Canada a while back and started up a new band playing some of that powerviolence shit he's famous for, shot through with plenty of crushing sludginess...
  14. el Jefe

    Snowblood - September tour help!

    Hi there! Snowblood will be out in support of their upcoming new album during the first half of September, and they're definitely up for hitting Ireland again, so if anyone out there is interested in putting them on (maybe the same people as last time?) please don't hesitate to get in touch...
  15. el Jefe

    good shops in your area

    Hello there, I was just wondering if people could help me out by posting the addresses of any good record shops that they know of. By "good" I guess I mean that I'm looking for people's assurance that the shops are willing to stock independent releases, erring on the...
  16. el Jefe

    anyone heard of Debt?

    hello there, I was just wondering if anyone'd heard of this band called Debt? i gather they're from ireland and sound a bit like Isis/ neurosis/ stuff like that, so i thought this would be the best place to ask. Any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks BYE!