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  1. Unicron

    David Keenan

    Can we use this thread to shit talk David Keenan as well? Because Jesus Christ, that guy.
  2. Unicron

    What gig(s) are you going to this week?

    @Anthony suggested a WGAYGTtonight in the "... last night" thread as he correctly pointed out that a lot of the stuff mentioned in there sounds awesome but that might be a little short notice for people to be able to make arrangements for so perhaps a thread what looks a little further forward...
  3. Unicron

    Things support acts say in their heads

    Shut the fuck up you pack of noisy cunts
  4. Unicron

    It's the Enda Kenny

    Resigning the FG leadership at midnight
  5. Unicron

    Farewell TXFM; welcome...

    Farewell TXFM TXFM, Dublin’s alternative rock station, is closing down
  6. Unicron

    Brilliant noises

    A thread for noises you like, musical or otherwise. 1. A dotted ride pattern like you hear in jazz drums 2. Steve Cropper's slightly overdriven guitar tone while playing 3/4 arpeggios on The Immortal Otis Redding, a bit dirtier than on the Dock Of The Bay sessions,
  7. Unicron

    Social Democrats

    Another new party, The Social Democrats - Openness, Equality, Progress Seems like an odd grouping, the name implies a sort of centre leftish stance but I'm a bit wary of Stephen Donnolly, a smart capable guy but I wouldn't necessarily think of him as being all that left wing, plus he's the type...
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    Ireland vs Gary Lineker

    O'Neill may be off, good riddance, never should have got the job.
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    The week of football

    At the minute I can either watch Italy, who are a goal up against Norway. Or Andorra who are a goal up against Wales. Not sure who will set out to be more defensive for the remainder of the game.
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    Sexism & racism & homophobia, god help us

    It's the Malkey Makay thread.
  11. Unicron

    [Jul 25, 2014] The Former Soviet Repubic + Me And My Dog + Swimmers (Dublin)
  12. Unicron

    Summer transfer window 2014

    So, where do you want your team to strengthen then?
  13. Unicron

    House of cards season 2 discussion thread

    I'd suggest that given the way the show is distributed any comments are hidden in spoiler tags with reference made to what point in the season you've made it to and are talking about Up To ep 2
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    The nut on my acoustic guitar broke

    A huge chip came off it and now the e-string is hanging down below the neck. 2 questions ... If I were to source a new nut is this a thing that's easy enough to replace, I am not especially handy. or Failing that would any of know be able to point me in the direction of someone who could do...
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    Budget 2014

    Y'know, there was a time when people might have thought that someone in their 30's, single, childless, not a homeowner and who works an uninspiring job full of nothing but endless drudgery was a loser. But after the recent run of austerity budgets who's the loser now? Kids, many of whom were...
  16. Unicron

    Ireland vs *insert name of evil Welshman*

    Westwood, Coleman, Clark, O'Shea, Wilson; Walters, Whelan, McCarthy, Brady; Hoolahan; Long. 4411/4231 apparently. Not a bad lineup
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    Reports today saying that he was actually born in 1984 and not 1986. HA!
  18. Unicron

    Brazilian referee stabs player to death, crowd lynches ref and puts his head on a stick. South American Football - Referee beheaded by fans for killing player There were absolutely horrific scenes at an amateur football match in Brazil when spectators lynched a referee and put his head on a stake after he had killed a player. The barely believable incident...
  19. Unicron

    Confederations Cup

    Anyone been watching? 2 and a bit decent games so far, some brilliant goals. Uruguay have been very disappointing tonight. Spain, in fairness to them have been playing great stuff. Cesc has been very good.
  20. Unicron

    Paddy Crerand's bad morning

    Made a total doofus of himself on the radio in 2 seperate countries within the space of an hour second one not as bad but when put in context against the first...