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  1. Jim A. Morrish

    Indiecork film festival 2019

    full programme up now.... IndieCork 2019 - Festival Programme
  2. Jim A. Morrish

    Sounds from a Safe Harbour festival, cork next week

    loads happening....
  3. Jim A. Morrish

    Michael O'Shea - radio doc

    On Sunday (Aug 25th) at 6pm the radio doc is broadcast on RTÉ lyric fm
  4. Jim A. Morrish

    Microdisney documentary

    Microdisney doc podcast :
  5. Jim A. Morrish

    The Coletranes

    howdy y'all anyone got broadcastable wavs/mp3s of The Coletranes they could e-mail me - [email protected] want to include them in an upcoming radio show of acts who played Sir Henrys/The Village
  6. Jim A. Morrish

    Adrian Utley's Guitar Orchestra performs Terry Riley's 'In C'.

    We're broadcasting what we believe is a radio world first, this recording in it's 61 minute entirety. We also have a quick interview with Mr Adrian 'Portishead' Utley beforehand Utley brings together an orchestra of electric guitar players to interpret Terry Riley's 'In C'. Written in...
  7. Jim A. Morrish

    the perfect thumped band
  8. Jim A. Morrish

    Big Star documentary

    trailers here.... and
  9. Jim A. Morrish

    sparks / dublin show :)
  10. Jim A. Morrish

    The Pod

    is to be let to the folk who run flannerys pub, according to todays sunday times
  11. Jim A. Morrish

    The Vichy Government - 'all the young dudes'

    singer is from belfast
  12. Jim A. Morrish

    gigs at spiegeltent in june
  13. Jim A. Morrish

    tom tom club

    playing dublin in july i do believe
  14. Jim A. Morrish

    button factory

    from their p.r. Button Factory statement ending its examiner-ship: The Button Factory is pleased to announce that we have come out of examiner-ship. We wish to thank all our customers for their support over the past couple of months. We look forward to seeing you in the future at all...
  15. Jim A. Morrish

    button factory examinership
  16. Jim A. Morrish

    empire of the air - doc about radio real good so it is
  17. Jim A. Morrish

    Fave irish track of the noughties??

    I'd day mine is MDR's 'the drowning man', keep returning to it again and again. Love the guitar on it and the lyrics are a hoot (to me anyways, probably less so to the family of the poor feller MDR failed to save) any other contenders folks?
  18. Jim A. Morrish


    ... coming to ireland for a few shows in march huzzah!
  19. Jim A. Morrish

    atp-ny 2010

    1. ATP NEW YORK To continue our year-long celebrations of Ten Years of ATP we are thrilled to announce that All Tomorrow's Parties will return to Kutsher's Country Club, Monticello for it's third ATP New York festival over Labor Day weekend, running from Friday 3rd September – Sunday 5th...
  20. Jim A. Morrish

    Cork Rock

    CORK ROCK From Rory Gallagher To The Sultans Of Ping Mark McAvoy It’ll require a feat of the loaves and fishes variety to better Mark McAvoy’s comprehensive take on Cork’s substantial contribution to rock music history. Cork Rock is packed with facts and provocative anecdotes that weave the...