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  1. TenRabbits

    The A Team.

    Was actually class. Dumb as a bag of hammers, but really good fun. What are the odds! I actually read some reviews after seeing it, and there seemed to be a lot of critics complaining about the lack of character development?!? It's the bloody A TEAM! Not an undiscovered Kurosawa film!
  2. TenRabbits

    I Am Fighter

    Dunno whether this is art OR culture, but it certainly made me laugh. Part 4 is a winner..
  3. TenRabbits

    This is as addictive as hell

    The joys of random interfacing with strangers.. a warning- some of it can be a bit explicit! Chatroulette It's completely hilarious though.
  4. TenRabbits

    Little Phatty? Or just stick to Moog emulators?

    Hello chaps and ladies, After managing to save up enough to buy a little phatty, I'm now having a crisis of confidence about whether to spend the money I've worked so hard to get on something I can emulate! I do use emulated Moog sounds a lot (see Figurine on Here : Gironans myspaz)...
  5. TenRabbits

    Places for electro?

    Yo folks, I've been doing a pile of music with an electronic act (Gironans) and need some tips - where in Dublin/Galway/Cork etc would be good to try and gig with this sort of thing? We're working with a visuals guy so would need somewhere dark! We've been working on the live stuff for a year...
  6. TenRabbits

    Navan cinema showing Bruno..

    Not sure if any of ye's have heard this already.. magic! Bruno is showing in a cinema in Navan...give their info line a buzz and check out the description; 00 353 46 9074755. .|..|.|..|
  7. TenRabbits

    COD Modern Warfare 2

    Still my favourite online game ever.. so much fun! New one looks pretty amazin - still.. fair bit to go before it's released:
  8. TenRabbits

    Hero is my deodorant

  9. TenRabbits


    Yep.. they're making a sequel to tron, jeff bridges and all!
  10. TenRabbits

    You lot been googlin it up again then?!

    Doorty hoors.
  11. TenRabbits

    Remaking a classic..

    Ooh.. not sure about this, one of my favourite films ever! Yep, they've remade the Day the Earth Stood Still, with Keanu Bloody Reeves. The tone seems about right though, although it seems a bit more, well, bombastic than the original, which didn't have mass destruction that I remember..
  12. TenRabbits

    The Ultimate in-game weapon!

  13. TenRabbits

    My Street on channel 4 last night.

    That was one of the most heartbreaking programmes I've ever watched.. and out of nowhere too. I've never wanted to reach into the telly to help someone more in my life. Anyone else see it?
  14. TenRabbits

    Michael Bay demonstrates surprising awareness of how shit he is..

    Although taking the piss out of himself doesn't change the fact his movies are like being gang raped in the eyes by a barse.
  15. TenRabbits

    Just found the ending of Quantum Leap on youtube..

    ..and it's as depressing as I remembered:
  16. TenRabbits

    Ha ha! I'd love to know where the ad targeting comes from!

    So far the ads section to the right----------> ..has shown me an ad for, an asian bride site (in Jane's wedding thread I might add) and something called a "surge blow off valve ad".. We clearly hit some interesting demographic on here!
  17. TenRabbits

    Sam Sparro..

    Is it wrong that I think the track "black and gold" is class? Particularly as he's clearly some kind of Nathan Barley-esque shitehawk..
  18. TenRabbits

    Parking near the Tripod?

    I was gonna drive down to the Tripod for Underworld tomorrow, and was wondering where was a good place to park nearby?
  19. TenRabbits

    Underworld Ticket wanted..

    As they've gone and bastard cancelled the belfast gig so late.. I'm on the beg for someone who can't go wanting to sell their ticket at non-tout prices. PM me if anyone can help! Thanks.
  20. TenRabbits

    How does he smell?

    With both his noses apparently: This has GOT to be a pisstake.. colonel Blashford-Snell? Best friend a wild pig called Gregory? Fucking church organ FROM DORSET?