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  1. cephalopod

    i'm in a net cafe...

    and this person "cephaloppod" is logged in. i've tried and tried to log it out but it won't. what do i do?
  2. cephalopod

    If you had a stalker...

    From Thumped who sneaked surreptitiously into your office while you were on the jacks taking a shite and they left an apt but creepy gift on your desk... well what would it be? and who would it be from? I think Mr Pharmacist would leave me a Shed 7 CD.
  3. cephalopod

    The Wexford accent

    What the fuck is the story with it?
  4. cephalopod

    A new start!

    Bought my first car, Peugeot 206, finished my thesis, and I'm moving to Dublin on Tuesday to start a new job. It's pretty scary dudes.....
  5. cephalopod

    This Sunday in Anseo, Hefty Horse presents...

    We're on at 9pm (Colours Move/Storkboy Choons) if anyone wants to pop down and say hello.
  6. cephalopod


    I'm moving there on Tuesday (Ringsend). I've been there a few times but haven't really gotten a good feel for the place. How would it be in terms of living there compared to Galway or Sligo? Any thoughts?
  7. cephalopod

    Ableton visual clips

    Okay, I have a live set in ableton with all my music, on a PC, with most common outlets on the back, this is plugged into a sound system, as well as this I have visuals synced to the music. How do I get my computer to project the visuals on a digital projector while I still get to look and...
  8. cephalopod

    Convert .wmv to .mov

    Hi guys, I want to convert .wmv files to .mov without losing time, I found a couple of free programmes on the net that fuck it all up. Any suggestions
  9. cephalopod

    Ladyflash betamax ham sandwich thing

    This on in Kennedys? Anyone going?
  10. cephalopod

    Electric Picnic 2008

    Sigur ros, the sex pistols, franz ferdinand, underworld, superfury animals, Flamin Lips, Mogwai, Mercury rev, My Bloody valentine, Moby, Fat boy slim, Massive attack, Bloc party, Tindersticks, Supergrass, The Cure, The Breeders,Elbow,CSS, George Clinton, Chic featuring Nial rogers Gary newman...
  11. cephalopod

    Portishead - Third

    I had a listen to this in a mate's gaff at the weekend. And all I can say is that there will be at least one great album this year. It is AWESOME!
  12. cephalopod

    Hercules and Love Affair

    I like Blind, but I'm wondering if they are really worthy of hype like this Will be catching them doing a deejay set at the Michael Mayer gig in Spy this weekend. i'm guessing Anthony Hegarty won't be there...
  13. cephalopod

    Taking extra luggage on planes

    I'm flying to America in a week, and in additional to my normal luggage I have a 70 X 70cm art print which I am taking with me. This is quite large, but light. Will I have to pay extra to take it with me? Has anyone had any experience of something like this before?
  14. cephalopod

    Good Mix CDs

    Been listening to a lot of mix CDs recently, and I've been loving a lot of them. In particular Immer by Michael Mayer, unbelievable! Others that I've enjoyed include, Fabric 29: Tiefshcwarz DJ Kicks: Booka Shade DJ Kicks: Modeselektor Please Please Please: Tobias Tomas Fabric 36: Ricardo...
  15. cephalopod

    stock video

    Wanna get some stock video footage, for free, for a music video kind of thing. Anywhere good hosting such material?
  16. cephalopod

    The Roaring Twenties

    This starts on RTE 2 tonight Be afraid be very afraid... If it isn't spine chillingly horrendous, invoking cringe-spasms all over the shop, I will actually eat my toes and video that shit for Youtube.
  17. cephalopod

    Off the cigs

    Okay okay, I'm probably the umpteenth smoker who has started a thread on thumped about giving them up (which I have). From 20 a day, to zero. Anyone else give them up for New Year's? wanna form a support group?
  18. cephalopod

    How much will you spend between today and January 1st?

    Just wondering, what the general spend is. The pressure to go beyond your means can be very bad. For instance, I am rather stupidly going to a wedding in San Fran at the end of January. This will cause me to miss valuable work income for the month of January (the leanest month) as well as cost...
  19. cephalopod

    What a cool school Can I reapply to secondary school in Denmark? This beggars belief! The teachers pick the girl's involved!
  20. cephalopod

    Katy French seriously ill

    According to the Irish Independent First of all, hope she gets better soon. But why all this background info on her 'birthday party' weekend? Are they insinuating a...