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    Vice Principals HBO

    Anybody watch this? New Danny McBride/Jody Hill HBO show. Not sure about it. It's proper fucking mean spirited dark. Lacks the buffoonery and "love to hate" aspect of Eastbound and Down which was a masterpiece. And not to be a filthy SJW but the two white guys attempting to take down a...
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    Travelling to USA from CANADA

    Yo, trying to find information on this. Planning on flying to Vancouver and then heading south to USA as it is much cheaper. Can I apply for an ESTA / Visa Waiver and use that to enter the USA from the Canadian boarder or is there another way of doing it? ANy info would be appreciated thanks
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    Record Player Repair Dublin

    Hey so does anybody have any recommendations for getting a player repaired? There's a place in Blanchardstown, is that any good? I have an automatic player that comes as part of a decent enough piece by piece hi fi system. The pitch just seems to get slower and slower and slower when I play...
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    INHERENT VICE (Paul Thomas Anderson/Thomas Pynchon)

    So there needs to be a thread about this. I'm a big PTA fan, can't wait for this. Trailer is due to drop soon but in the meantime here is the first interview with PTA about the movie:
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    Instrument Rental / Session Musician hire

    Hey everybody, looking to rent a marimba / wooden gamelan and some other percussive instruments for a recording session. Does this kind of thing exist in Dublin? Anybody know any marimba or gamelan players? Is there a database or agency website for session musicians? Any help would be...
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    30gb Ipod lost at Somadrone gig in Whelans

    Hey guys, I think I may have lost my Ipod at the Somadrone gig upstairs in Whelans last week. It's good few years old now and has a engraving on the back that says "White Light WHite Heat" (pretty goofy I know). Had it set up pretty nicely and don't fancy having to get a new one. If anybody...
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    sp 404 freezing on start-up

    Hey, So when I start up my Roland 404 with a memory card in it, it freezes on the 404 every time and won't go past that point. When I start it up without a memory card it starts up fine and I can select from the internal memory banks. Now I've tried my memory cards on another 404 and they load...
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    Good Sound Engineering Courses?

    Anybody have any recommendations? Looking to learn more about studio and live sound engineering. Interested in somewhere that uses both analogue and digital recording equipment and has flexible time with course lengths. Thanks.
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    WANTED: Digitech Digidelay

    Anybody have one, not using it and want to sell to me?
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    This is far beyond stupid!
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    200 - 300 euro studio monitors

    That's my budget. Recommend me something. I'm in the process of buying new recording gear and I have everything picked out except monitors. Starting to do my head in. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    These SM 57's have to be fake They also have about 5 or 6 other auctions selling the 57's in 4's, mostly "buy it nows" but some bidding in other auctions. They have to be fakes...
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    These SM 47's have to be fake right? They also have about 5 or 6 other auctions selling the 57's in 4's, mostly "buy it nows" but some bidding in other auctions. They have to be fakes...
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    Firewire Audio Interfaces (MAC)

    /So I've been looking into getting one of these guys and was wondering how you have found them to be? The two main things that I want to get out of it is 1) an overall boost in the quality of the sound source that is being recorded to computer. I.E a wider volume range. In the past I've just...
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    Predators Sneak Peak of it here. I like the look of some of it. Not expressing any emotion towards it though until it comes out. Best thing to do is expect the worst and then hopefully be pleasantly surprised.
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    WANTED: cassette 4 track or 8 track recorder (must have pitch controller)

    If anybody is interested in selling me a cassette 4 track recorder or a cassette 8 track recorder that has a pitch controller, let me know please. Must be in full working condition.
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    Headphones for recording / Mixing

    Been using standard Ipod earphones for a while now for recording/mixing but the cable lenght and in-earness is pretty off putting. I like the sound quality that you get with the ipod earphones and the space of sound in each ear but need something that is going to be more comfortable for long...
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    Berlin Record Stores

    Going tomorrow to Berlin, be there for a few days, just looking to buy some second hand vinyl in decent enough condition. Pretty much just looking for pop stuff from the 80s backwards. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Avatar - James Cameron

    Trailer is out.
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    Why is Derek Mooney wearing a mask?

    Just saw an ad for some show of his. He is wearing a Zoro-esque mask and it disturbs me. Stop It!