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    Has anyone been here? Any suggestions of things to do? Particularly in Vilnius.
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    I'm moving to Nottingham in September to go to college there for a year. Anyone any tips?
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    Cork this weekend

    Anyone know of anything going on in Cork this weekend? I'm going down with some former college friends for the weekend. Any tips?
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    Band of Horses fans. Read it and weep.

    Maybe this has been posted elsewhere already, but take a look...
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    Bedroom available in apartment on Camden Street

    Surprisingly large and quiet apartment on Camden Street. Comes with two free housemates who are surprisingly nice to live with. Toilet and shower are included. Electricity and Gas bills are really low. Double Glazing on all the windows. It'd be great if you were a professional like us. And nice...
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    Buying a new bike

    Ok. I have a bike, but I want to get a new one for triathlons and what not. I was going to get one through the bike to work scheme, but since then I've realised I can probably save a good bit of money if I just buy it second hand. So, can anyone recommend a bike for me? I've been looking at the...
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    Best place for a 30th birthday party

    A mate of mine is having his 30th and is trying to figure out the best place to have it. Any tips, ideas, help? Preferably in Dublin.
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    that other barge

    There's another barge on the canal that's not "la peniche" or whatever it's called. It's a kind of bar or something. I don't know. Anyway, does anyone know what it's called or have any contact details for it or that sort of thing? Failing that, can anyone suggest a good place to have a 30th...
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    1, possibly 2 tickets for Pavement atp for sale.

    You want em? PM me.
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    tax question

    If I was to leave my job, would I be able to claim back any/all of the tax I spent over the course of the year?
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    going back to college

    Ok. I'm in a decent well paying job that I'm not particularly gone on anymore. It may sound like insanity, but I'd like to go back to college to study what I always wanted to study. Psychology. I've no savings and am wondering is it possible to do it? Financially speaking? I'd be a mature...
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    The best thing about Dublin

    I love Dublin, right? But I'm trying to think of things I love about Dublin. Like what makes it so good. So far I can only think of things like Lemon (I love Lemon), cycling out to Howth on a nice Sunday to the Farmer's Market, walking around town, Asbestos' "lost" stickers, Pat Ingoldsby and...
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    Japan at New Years

    I'm flying into Tokyo on December 27th and leaving on the 8th. Any suggestions for what to do? Particularly for New Years.
  14. pad

    Sandymount Martello Tower

    Does anyone know of any way to contact the owners of the Sandymount Martello Tower? Other than showing them this thread obviously. cheers
  15. pad

    how many dublin bands have managers.

    like who here has a manager of some description working on behalf of your band? anyone?
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    why? new song

    i really like it. but then i really like why? who's with me?
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    is gmail bust at the moment? eh?
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    working for yourself

    yes. i'm not enjoying work today. do you work for yourself and if so, what do you do and how is the recession affecting you?
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    going back to college

    does anyone know, if i was to possibly go back to college to do (a second) masters, would I be able to get grants or what not off the government? What are the financial implications of going back to college when you're thirty?
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    find my friend a job

    my pal francesca is italian and is looking for a job so she can stay in ireland rather than italy (i know, what is she thinking right?) anyway, does anyone know, can she go on the dole cause she's from the eu, or alternatively (which would be the infinitely better option) does anyone know of...