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  1. Kid Lovebeach


    Two of Ireland's leading indie/rock/pop/garage etc etc etc bands and all around messers bring you a night the likes of which you've never seen the likes of which. Tuam's So Cow and Dublin's own Squarehead will be performing their own circus acts live at the always luxurious Button...
  2. Kid Lovebeach

    Squarehead 7'' Launch // 11th Aug // Shebeen Chic

    SQUAREHEAD (Fake Blood / Mother Nurture 7'' Launch) I ♡ THE MONSTER HERO HIPSTER YOUTH NO MONSTER CLUB HIRED HANDS Shebeen Chic (downstairs) Wednesday 11th August Adm: €5 // First band 8:30pm
  3. Kid Lovebeach

    Tim & Eric Appreciation Thread

    No one has made me laugh harder over the last couple years, anyone watching Season Cinco? I could go on forever.
  4. Kid Lovebeach

    It's very quiet lately...

    *bump* been very quiet the last couple weeks. what gives?
  5. Kid Lovebeach


    Wanna get a new one for the family to play over christmas, have the classics (monopoly, scrabble, dizzy dizzy dinosaur). So what's yr favorite?
  6. Kid Lovebeach

    Kurt Vile on Sunday?

    Nialler9 just noticed this over on twitter. what the huh?
  7. Kid Lovebeach

    Records/Songs of '09

    I just made a huge list, gotta whittle it down.
  8. Kid Lovebeach

    4 steps to indie rock success* in 2009.**

    1. be fuzzy/lo-fi, even if you record yourself on computer you MUST make it sound like it was recorded on an old cassette. 2. release a cassette. 3. when naming your band/album/song, use words like: beach, surf, sun, tropical and so on. 4. your album cover should be a blurry picture, vaguely...
  9. Kid Lovebeach

    The Wave Pictures

    someone please bring them over.
  10. Kid Lovebeach

    Neosupervital & Groom Tonight in Whelans!

    don't think tim has posted anything about this so.... NSV headline show tonight upstairs in whelans, support from the groom power trio, 10 euro in. download his new single here: yes.
  11. Kid Lovebeach


    yes! groom & yeh deadlies bewleys cafe theatre, grafton st thursday 9th of july 2009 adm: €8 doors: 8.00pm places limited to 50, minus the band members and soundman, so let's just say 40. pop music
  12. Kid Lovebeach

    looking into the past awesome (some times)
  13. Kid Lovebeach

    WANTED! 2 tickets for final fantasy / cryptacize, whelans, may 09.

    yeah. went to get them today and it's sold out.:(
  14. Kid Lovebeach

    airblade appreciation thread

  15. Kid Lovebeach

    who did this?

    YouTube - King of the pikeys prank call and did they do anything else? always thought it was one of the funniest things ever ever ever.
  16. Kid Lovebeach

    Best Irish Album Covers

    i've actually forgotten which album prompted me to start this thread, maybe one of you will post it.
  17. Kid Lovebeach

    The Ticket's '' Top 50 Irish Bands Right Now'' list everybody get ready to moan in unison: ''where's mumblin deaf ro???!!'
  18. Kid Lovebeach

    Sublime Frequencies 'euro' tour. seems to be only taking place in the u.k, any chance of someone getting it over here??