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  1. wahealy

    RIXE - Ireland 2020

    The mighty RIXE are coming to Ireland January 2020. These boys are not to be missed live...
  2. wahealy

    Dancing with the Fallen Fest

    This weekend in the 'fast
  3. wahealy

    New Irish punk compilation LP

    New Irish Punk Compilation LAMBPAIGN brought out by the lads at Deadlamb Records. Features Audible Joes, Deathgrip, The Divils, The Gakk, GRIT, Jobseekers, The Jollars, The Nilz, Nomatrix, SHITHäTT, The Turn and United Bottles Limited Edition First Pressing Black, Green and Yellow Marble Vinyl -...
  4. wahealy

    Rebellion Dublin 2017

    If this doesn't get this forum going, nothing will...
  5. wahealy

    A Sense of Solidarity Vol. III

    A compilation out to help support the Warzone - 50 tracks for £2... a bit of everything in there style wise and lots of Belfast bands, other Irish bands and from abroad....
  6. wahealy

    The Old Firm Casuals, The Hacklers, The Jollars & Auduble Joes

    Details Rebel County Drunk Punx are proud to welcome the Old Firm Casuals back to Cork! Their last appearance was stellar so don't miss this one... Old Firm Casuals are an American Oi! Band from San Fransisco. Formed in 2010, they've made a name for themselves on the Oi! Scene through their...
  7. wahealy

    Angelic Upstarts, Hooligan, Andy Carrington & The Jollars

    The Jollars not on the poster cause obviously they know if they do it'll be some sort of fire hazard with the amount of people tring to get into the small venue...
  8. wahealy

    The Jollars (COrk City Oi!) Album Preview

    Album out soon on Aggrobeat (NED) and F.O.A.D. (IRL). Hope ye like them!
  9. wahealy

    Blood or Whiskey & The Dubtones - Cork

  10. wahealy

    Grade 2 (UK -Oi!) Belfast & Dublin gigs

    Grade 2, Oi! band from the UK are playing in Belfast, Friday July 3rd with; Takers n' Users, The Jollars and 1000 Drunken Nights, Warzone Centre. 10 pounds in BYOB Dublin, Saturday July 4th with; The Jollars Plus One more TBA.... Bohs Bar Phibsborough, €10
  11. wahealy

    The Moonstomp - Cork Ska Night

    This is the 5th edition of Cork ska night The Moonstomp, it's a great night out if anyone is in the Cork area, all of the previous ones have been jammers. Have neglected to post eny of the previous nights on here so will just update this thread with the new poster as they come.
  12. wahealy

    Menace '77 Punk Legends in Cork

  13. wahealy

    Runnin' Riot and Intensive Care in Cork June 7th

    Never mind the Double-in gig... this is the real capital!
  14. wahealy

    Old Firm Casuals - Cork leg

    Tickets for the Cork leg of the Old Firm Casuals, Control and Runnin' Riot are on sale now in Plugd Records, Mr. Bradleys and from the Rebel County Drunk Punx at 15 euro. Make sure to get one early as it's sure to sell out! Here's a link to the event page; Rebel County Drunk Punx presents; Old...
  15. wahealy

    Rebel County Drunk Punx Paddy's Weekend Knees Up!

    Featuring; Alps; Leatherface style punk rock from Ballina, Co. Mayo featuring past and present members of Section 4, Only Fumes and Corpses, Foreveraftermath, Gummidge and The Good Time Fun Boys.... First time in Cork! The Divils; Dublin ska/punk, not the American ska/punk scourge but a very...
  16. wahealy

    The Oppressed re-scheduled gig!

    Rescheduled gig, different venue - had to be done for the sake of completion!
  17. wahealy

    Derkovbois mini Irish tour...

    Get on it!