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  1. wahealy

    RIXE - Ireland 2020

    Dublin poster - the craic will be mighty.
  2. wahealy

    RIXE - Ireland 2020

    Well, there's the posters for the Cork and Belfast gigs.
  3. wahealy

    RIXE - Ireland 2020

    The mighty RIXE are coming to Ireland January 2020. These boys are not to be missed live...
  4. wahealy

    Dancing with the Fallen Fest

    This weekend in the 'fast
  5. wahealy

    New Irish punk compilation LP

    It's not the object of the record (not that I was involved in it's conception) - just something I thought might be a selling point that there's a possibility that a good few of them may not get anthing out on vinyl. I hope I'm wrong and all 12 do at some point but it's a good document of some...
  6. wahealy

    New Irish punk compilation LP

    I think 9 would constitute "some"
  7. wahealy

    New Irish punk compilation LP

    I doubt it somehow but maybe follow the link to their site and email them and ask? Maybe they'll be giving to some to distros- I know the bands are getting a few copies too... Other than that I don't have much info, sorry...
  8. wahealy

    New Irish punk compilation LP

    New Irish Punk Compilation LAMBPAIGN brought out by the lads at Deadlamb Records. Features Audible Joes, Deathgrip, The Divils, The Gakk, GRIT, Jobseekers, The Jollars, The Nilz, Nomatrix, SHITHäTT, The Turn and United Bottles Limited Edition First Pressing Black, Green and Yellow Marble Vinyl -...
  9. wahealy

    Nil By Mouth podcast

    Nice one - really good podcast, fair play to ye...
  10. wahealy

    Metal Promoters

    Try Metal Ireland - only smelly punks here
  11. wahealy

    Rebellion Dublin 2017

    Sold out already!
  12. wahealy

    Rebellion Dublin 2017

    Nah I reckon the budget is gone on the two that are there. Cock SParrer are wicked expensive these days - could easy sell out a venue twice that size with people travelling to see them I'd say.
  13. wahealy

    Rebellion Dublin 2017

    As in by the 'Rebellion Blackpool' people? Yeah it's the same fella runnin it that did HITS/Wasted/Rebellion with the guys from FOAD I think.
  14. wahealy

    Rebellion Dublin 2017

    If this doesn't get this forum going, nothing will...
  15. wahealy

    A Sense of Solidarity Vol. III

    A compilation out to help support the Warzone - 50 tracks for £2... a bit of everything in there style wise and lots of Belfast bands, other Irish bands and from abroad....
  16. wahealy

    Dropkick Murphys - 11 Short Stories Of Pain And Glory

    Or they never listened to anything other than Shipping Up to Boston...
  17. wahealy

    Traditional eirecore end of year awards... 2017

    The disappointment of the lack of awards will definitely make it into my 2017 awards list
  18. wahealy

    The Old Firm Casuals, The Hacklers, The Jollars & Auduble Joes

    Details Rebel County Drunk Punx are proud to welcome the Old Firm Casuals back to Cork! Their last appearance was stellar so don't miss this one... Old Firm Casuals are an American Oi! Band from San Fransisco. Formed in 2010, they've made a name for themselves on the Oi! Scene through their...
  19. wahealy

    The Jollars (COrk City Oi!) Album Preview

    Full album up on bandcamp for streaming and for paid download with artwork etc... Hope ye enjoy it! Half Cut, by The Jollars