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  1. The G-Man

    [Sep 11, 2015] The G-Man presents...August Wells (Cork)

    Really excited about this one. Tune into RTÉ on Friday to see August Wells performing on Other Voices to see exactly why so.
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    [Sep 11, 2015] The G-Man presents...August Wells (Cork)

    The G-Man presents...August Wells August Wells with special guests a low trees promotion Coughlan's 7 Douglas Street, Cork Friday 11th September 9.30pm €10 - Buy tickets Ken Griffin of Rollerskate Skinny acclaim and New York pianist John Rauchenberger bring their August Wells collaboration...
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    Competition: Win tickets to The Magnetic Fields in Cork

    The Magnetic Fields play Cork Opera House on Sunday, 29th April. To stand a chance of winning a couple of tickets to the potential gig of the year, all you have to do is send a nice email to [email protected] containing : - a subject of 'Magnetic Fields' - your full name - your mobile...
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    Matt Baldwin & Cian Nugent Band, The Joinery, March 16th 2012

    Also in the Triskel (Cork) this Sunday, March 18th
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    Anything You Can Do... Part 1 - new podcast

    So what do ye think? Does it work well? Any standouts? Pretty good response so far I must say. Thanks!
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    Anything You Can Do... Part 1 - new podcast

    Howdy! Anything You Can Do... is a podcast aiming not only to highlight music from Irish artists - nor only the best on the international scene - but to integrate both, showing that Ireland's vast array of talent can easily hold their own alongside the world's best. Private Underground...
  7. The G-Man

    Exclusive stream of new album from Hope Is Noise

    Can you still not stream? Little note to add. Album will be officially launched on March 16th with a mini-festival in Fred's taking place on the Friday and Saturday. Confirmed are Agitate the Gravel, Dott, Stanton's Grave, (R)evolution of a Sun, Them Martyrs, I'll Eat your Face, Bissect and...
  8. The G-Man

    Exclusive stream of 'Song Like an Alum Ut It's Nor Really' by Trumpets of Jericho

    Song Like an Alum Ut It's Nor Really, the debut album from Trumpets of Jericho, is currently streaming over on the blog. Record will be in Plugd to purchase soon enough but before that take a listen over on the blog. Click here to stream 'Song Like an Alum Ut It's Nor Really'
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    Private Underground Residence Irish Dates in February

    Looking forward to this tomorrow night.
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    Top 50 Albums of 2011

    Interview with the list-toppers
  11. The G-Man

    Top 50 Albums of 2011

    Hey folks! I have not posted here regularly for quite a while but I posted this list last year and got a great response so for whoever is interested please check the link below for my top 50 albums of 2011.
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    Exclusive Stream of new album from Sí

    Recorded over a two year period in Bunker Hill studios with Fergal Lawler (The Cranberries), The G-Man is very proud to present Great Expectations from Síle Ní Dhubhghaill, aka Sí. Dark, sepulchral folk that could have been carved from the trunk of an ancient tree, Sí's debut is filled with a...
  13. The G-Man

    The Altered Hours /// The Northern Drone LIVE in Cork city!

    Looking forward to this I have to say. Is it a late show?
  14. The G-Man

    Ten Past Seven Want To Record New Music

    Christ!!!! Excellent stuff by everyone who spread the word and/or contributed to the album.
  15. The G-Man

    Ten Past Seven Want To Record New Music

    €270!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on peeps anything you can muster!!!
  16. The G-Man

    Ten Past Seven Want To Record New Music

    €425 to go!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. The G-Man

    Ten Past Seven Want To Record New Music

    Only 6hrs to go on this and still about €1300 off the target. Plugd Records in Cork have pledged €1 per every €20 spent in their shop this week so if you are in Cork that is a great way to indirectly help. Otherwise it would be great to help the lads out by pledging anything you can on the link...
  18. The G-Man

    The Reich Effect : Cork Opera House Celebrates 75 years of Steve Reich

    Is anyone heading to Cork for this? The Cork Opera House are sticking on plenty to celebrate Steve Reich's 75th birthday. The celebration will feature gigs, workshops etc. at various venues throughout the city including performances from Efterklang, Johann Johannsson and more...
  19. The G-Man

    Laura Sheeran - The Pavilion, Cork - 20th July

    Finally got a physical copy of the album last weekend. Looking forward to it!