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  1. mr.blueface

    On/Off :

    yep i remember yiz form them blasst shows. paul woods was a very nice bloke. i remember u tho paulie, GOD i hope u have changed never mind the band.
  2. mr.blueface

    Joe Strummer tribute night.

    i had fun, glad to see the band to giv it loads to only a few on the dance floor , its a shame tht some of the punks go to tht much bother to straighten there hair etc. only to stand at the back. janer on top form. surprised he had film in the camera last nite
  3. mr.blueface

    Rock Jihad - back from the grave - Fri 13th Nov

    its not like u janer to make someting all about yourself.
  4. mr.blueface

    I just dropped a fag in my beer

    i jst dropped a beer on my...
  5. mr.blueface

    goldblade / paranoid visions / blood or whiskey / liz is evil

    will there tuff ppl there. i usually get picked on.
  6. mr.blueface

    Henry Rollins Interview.

    did anyone notice the bucket of coffee he's drinking!?
  7. mr.blueface

    Roosky_Nov 7th at Fibbers_Last gig

    last gig, will bring a tear to janers japs eye i reckon!! even tho we're not 1979 punk!!
  8. mr.blueface

    Leftover Crack - Saturday 22 August - The Village + Droppin Bombs/COT/Sick Joke

    chewing on tin foil are jst like tht band mixtwitch!! havnt seen droppin bombs in ages :)
  9. mr.blueface

    faith no more august 27, who's going?

    im so upset ill miss out on this. i listen to them everyday for long time, :(
  10. mr.blueface

    Blood or Whiskey on Podge and Rodge!

    maybe they saw malcom mcclaren and firgured they werent punk enough! "outta there faster than a priest out of a brothel raid"
  11. mr.blueface

    UPDATE: Diy Irish Hardcorepunk Archive!

    Re: Cheapskate/Steeky/The Kabinboy uploaded to blog! ive got the steeky/stomach ep if anyones looking for some of tht!
  12. mr.blueface

    punk rock trumpet player needed for citizen fish

    damo's a womanizer. altho how big of a trumped they want "one" to play. dont want stretch marks on my young lips!
  13. mr.blueface

    Attn: Stanton's Grave fans

    could be worse! u could be uploading songs all the time! :)
  14. mr.blueface

    Blood or Whiskey on Podge and Rodge!

    the revs invented punk! "wired to the fuckin scene"
  15. mr.blueface

    Is this snow affecting anybody else?

    where u work? public servant? im amazed actually, it was mostly old ppl coming in today, and another lad with a borken jaw. i didnt ask how but it was pretty fucked,. was anyone handin here out slaps in dunlaoghaire today?
  16. mr.blueface

    Is this snow affecting anybody else?

    yea, dats me job!! i wish it would pour down again :rolleyes:
  17. mr.blueface

    Is this snow affecting anybody else?

    im loving the snow! keeps the public away. so quiet in work! no "i need a medical card " being shouted at my face :) im happy cause of weather
  18. mr.blueface

    Cramps Singer Lux Interior Dead At 62

    he even made it on the bbc news today !!
  19. mr.blueface

    Cramps Singer Lux Interior Dead At 62

    i had a really cool cramps t-shirt! must find it. thanks for reminding me