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  1. kevin gallen

    Random Football Musings Set to Music

    Hello, I recorded an album about football - "Random Football Musings Set to Music" Download or Stream here - Cheers
  2. kevin gallen

    The Last Post/Alan Kelly

    Just been listening to the 2 albums he put out, forgot how much i like em. Anyone know what he is up to these days? making music?
  3. kevin gallen

    My Brother Woody Album *FREE*

    Dropping right out of the bargain bin and into the "FREE" to a good home section it's the debut album from My Brother Woody. I added a couple of bonus tracks for the "hardcore" fans - It's indie pop stuff with harmonies, trumpets, jangly guitars and so on.
  4. kevin gallen

    Actimel Ad

    Whats the name of the band/music on this ad? Regards Magic Hat
  5. kevin gallen


    anyone studying piano here? Are associated board piano exams tougher than Royal Irish academy piano exams? How do they correspond?. ie maybe grade 5 Royal Irish is similiar to Grade 4 associated board? any jazz piano students?
  6. kevin gallen

    Driving Instructors Dublin 6/6W area

    Any Recommendations? Cheers
  7. kevin gallen

    M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 speaker problems

    Eveytime i use these they make a loud bang and turn themselves off after half an hour or often less. The next day they will power up again fine but will not turn on for a good few hours even days sometimes after they blow. any ideas?
  8. kevin gallen

    Fantasy Championship

    Dunno if anyone is interested in this but I set up a Thumped League at as there seem to be a few people here who follow championship teams. League PIN: 4183
  9. kevin gallen

    Spanish Sim Card

    Hi, anyone know where I can buy a spanish sim card online? all the sites i have found seem dodgy and overpriced. Cheers
  10. kevin gallen

    Amstel Light

    Anyone know any offies around the dublin 6 area that stock this? Cheers
  11. kevin gallen

    Big Star Boxset :)
  12. kevin gallen

    One Month Berlin Apartment

    Anyone know any websites where i could look for a cheap Berlin Apartment for around a month/month and a half this summer? so not holiday rental sites but more regular apartment rental websites.
  13. kevin gallen

    Roland JV 1010 For Sale

    €250 Got this around 5 years ago. Don't have any use for it anymore. Perfect condition. Here is the blurb from the Roland site - Roland's JV-1010 64-Voice Synthesizer Module may look small, but it sounds huge! That's because this half-rackspace wonder includes the full sound set of...
  14. kevin gallen

    Free or Cheap Shopping Carts

    I need to add a shopping cart function to a wordpress built site. It needs to have just two options - paypal and an off line payment option (cheque, money order) I also need to integrate this with Realex in the future though i realise this is probably not possible with a free version. I've...
  15. kevin gallen

    Guitar Swap

    Just putting this up on the off chance but I've got a mexican tele ( (bought in 2004) that i don't use anymore (got an american tele now). This is what it looks like NEW - can post up actual pictures later anyway i got no money to buy anything new so was wondering if anyone had any...
  16. kevin gallen

    Camera Obscura Stage Times

    Anyone know?. what time would a main act normally kick off at in andrews lane? would have added this to the old thread but this site stalls if i click on more than a couple of links
  17. kevin gallen

    nice but cheap suits

    anyone got any recommendations on where i could buy a decent suit for less that 200 euro in Dublin? or know of any big sales goin on?. I'm very poor. Lots of friends getting married soon. must be my age.
  18. kevin gallen

    Structure LE

    anyone here use structure le? I've been using it for recording but when i close a session and log in the next day i get a "loading structure content" message box which stalls at 0% only way i can get it to work again is to reinstall structure.
  19. kevin gallen

    Is my laptop too slow to run Pro Tools LE 7?

    Cause it seems like it... It's painfully slow. Here is my spec Windows XP Toshiba Satellite A100-200 Core Intel Duo T2050 1.6 GHz 0.99GB of RAM 80GB Hardrive so maybe I need more RAM? I see some people suggesting 4GB RAM on other message boards. I put RAM in an old desktop...
  20. kevin gallen

    Drum Pads

    I'm very much a pro tools novice and was wondering about buying something like this for drums - Unfortunately that's not midi compatible with protools so would there be any way of recording it as an audio source onto protools? I realise...