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  1. needtokill

    Dystopia update

    from Life is Abuse: I don't believe a word of it "--- The final DYSTOPIA LP/CD is now looking at being released in Spring or Summer of 2007. The recording was finished in November of 2005 at Tim Green's LOUDER STUDIOS and has finally been sent off for mastering. It's just a matter of finishing...
  2. needtokill


    Anyone heard the new one yet? Am I right in thinking it's on Relapse? why do I get the feeling there'll be a load of replies on this thread that have nothing to do with what I'm actually asking?
  3. needtokill

    DeNovissimis/Tunguska review in THe Wire

  4. needtokill

    NTK v.30

    26 April Lower Deck SLOMATICS JENNY & THE DEADITES SMOKE & THUNDER TIM HOLEHOUSE + 1 more TBC in honour of 41 years of the founding of the Church of Satan.|..| :D and 30 years of the founding
  5. needtokill

    Teenage Metalcore Ninja Turtles

    this is possibly the funniest thing I've seen this week.
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    Much as I find the whole "crusty black metal" thing absolutely fucking APPALING, I will make an exception for this band.Total Hellhammer/Amebix inspired gloom. Check 'em out.
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    the Ming Elite will be representing Ireland.. "CURMUDGEON no.4 Saturday 2nd June & Sunday 3rd June 1 in 12 Club, Bradford SATURDAY Iron Lung (USA) Step On It (Hungary) Black Sister (Hungary) Suburban Disease (Australia) Atomgevitter (Germany/Scotland - only UK date) Drainland (Ireland) The...
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    Last Fm

    explain this to me. who here uses it?
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    sorry Gary/Willy/brian..I think I prefer this one
  10. needtokill

    Supersonic '07

    I think I might have to go to this. Any of these playing around here at that time?
  11. needtokill

    Would you pay €50 for gout stuff

    Some lad on metalireland is selling the Gout demo /10"(?!I presume he means 7")/ cd for €50 plus postage. nonsense.
  12. needtokill

    attn municipal waste/"crossover" fans

    more 80's speed metal japery for people who missed out first time, this time featuring the guy who did the bootleg Kabinboy badges on vocals. like MW,but slightly better.
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    happy birthday lady!
  14. needtokill

    Brain Handle

    anyone got either of the records? are there any distros on the planet left who actually have them in stock?
  15. needtokill

    that Black Metal email in full..

    "Greetings. I am shapranygudu leader of horde of black metal (SATANIC CHRIST) of /Brazil Rio De Janeiro. It would like one real alliance for one would be spreading of our COMPACT DISC in its parents. Here in the Brazil very we are well received, we make shows it are of our state and of...
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    You are cordially invited to Jamie's 30th Birthday: SLOMATICS doooom! DENOVISSIMIS more dooom! TIM HOLEHOUSE My mate from England happens who happens to be in town,acoustic gloom SERPENTS final gig. ever. & 1 more TBC THURSDAY 26th APRIL Lower Deck, Dublin
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    Bands that time forgot

    Okay,slow day in work today..been going through a lot of old tapes and 7"s at home over the last while,and unearthed some stuff I hadn't listened to in a while.Kept thinking to myself how weird it is that some bands from the past are held up as almost iconic nowadays while certain other bands...
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    just got some tapes to distro by this band, great sludgey Dystopia/Neurosis inspired heaviness - tapes are a mere €2.50 if anyone wants one tunes here still got Ballast 7"s left..€3 each [email protected] for questions/orders and that kinda thing.
  19. needtokill

    DUCKSTAB in July

    anyone want top put them (and an as as yet to be confirmed band who'll be with them) on on Friday 27th or Saturday 28th July? Belfast?Cork?Galway? [email protected] please Hopefully Dublin on 26th (check yer mail barry) raging hi-speed thrash in the vein of Heresy/Scholastic...
  20. needtokill

    Erode You

    What's this about then Mackle? Is it the flattening downtuned heaviness I expect it to be?