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  1. MilanPan!c

    moan, moan, moan

    Pretty much no one knows who I am here, the few that do don't give a shit and so it feels like a safe place to moan. I assume this will, as it should, drop like a stone, so don't anyone feel obliged to respond. MOAN: I recently started working on a record with a singer. I am not a singer nor...
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    LOL The Anti-Santy |
  3. MilanPan!c

    $1400 volume knob...

    Fender RARE Stratocaster Volume Knob "miniskirt" 1954 White | Reverb Comes with "original dirt" though - so a bargain, as that dirt is vintage.
  4. MilanPan!c

    Anyone wanna help me make a video..?

    Me: cameras, editing, song, band, time You: ??? Basically I need to make a video in the coming weeks and need an idea or some outside help or ideas or something... I don't know, really, what I'm looking for, but maybe someone here has some ideas or resources of desire to do something...
  5. MilanPan!c

    Pictures from public transport

    Seems like this thread could go on forever.
  6. MilanPan!c

    Can we have a guitar pedals thread?

    Please :) What's everyone into now? Anyone got anything cool coming to them? I am about to get one of these
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  8. MilanPan!c

    Some weird shit going down

    My terrible experience with Taylor McGrath Guitars and their DRHIVE pedal - The Gear Page Long story short, a crazy Christian "Australian" guitar pedal builder has been exposed as an English conman. Or something like that. A bunch of people, including several bigger retailers in Europe and...
  9. MilanPan!c

    A bunch of better than average guitar crap

    Himmelstrutz FETTO C-Luxe Himmelstrutz Fetto C Luxe For Sale in Rathfarnham, Dublin from MilanPan!c GigRig Pro 14 Gigrig Pro 14 For Sale in Rathfarnham, Dublin from MilanPan!c Cusack Tap-A-Whirl Cusack Tap A Whirl For Sale in Rathfarnham, Dublin from MilanPan!c Fulltone Ultimate Octave...
  10. MilanPan!c

    Bassist Wanted

    Bassist wanted. Gigs upcoming. Releases upcoming. Opportunity to write and record. Must be committed. Also willing to talk to frustrated guitarists. Not hugely concerned with gear. Own transport would be nice though.
  11. MilanPan!c

    Cheap Mastering

    I will master your songs, 15/euro per track or 10/euro for 10 or more. I can't guarantee it'll be SUPER-AMAZING-BEST-MASTERING-EVER, but can guarantee it'll sound better than when you sent it (and that all the volumes and EQ and compression and whatnot will be reasonable - i.e. won't destroy...
  12. MilanPan!c

    The first song off of The Riot Tapes album is online And it's in this contest mess.. We'd really appreciate your vote... it's pretty mainstream though, know...
  13. MilanPan!c

    Looking for lock-up rehearsal space

    will pay 300/month, more or less... will pay extra (within reason like) for a PA. Dublin, close to city centre or on South Side. Just hit me up.
  14. MilanPan!c

    FS/FT Skreddy Screwdriver Deluxe (MIB) Never used

    Got in a trade from Joe at JoesPedals in the UK. Valued at £189 (that's sterling). In box, with instructions, etc. And the receipt to show it's only a week old. Would sell for 210 euro. 10 euro less than retail, and no shipping cost... (that and another pedal cost 30£ to ship). Selling...
  15. MilanPan!c

    Some pedals for sale/trade

    Maxon OD820 (mint) 160 Maxon AD999 (VG++) 150 Demeter Fuzzulator (mint) 150 Zvex (Vexter) Box of Rock (still has price tag on it) (mint) 140 Fender Classic Series Phaser (perfect nick, with box, etc.) 80 Boss CS3 (VG+) 60 MXR Distortion + (gigged, but not abused) 40 Behringer Digital Delay (it...
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    first sound is ass, but the others are quite impressive!
  17. MilanPan!c

    I know I'm probably slitting my own throat here, but...

    The Riot Tapes are gonna be on The Apprentice Ireland... You may notice that they're using our song Photograph in the advert... It was a surreal experience and we could, COULD, feature quite prominently in the episode... we'll see. Anyway, on top of that the Daily Mail is pressing a...
  18. MilanPan!c

    Menatone Kar Krash

    Anyone ever used one? Have an option to get one of those or a Maxon AD999... No idea... Any thoughts?
  19. MilanPan!c

    Modding an amps tone stack...

    Anyone know someone that can do such a thing here in Dubs? Anyone ever had it done??