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    HOPE COLLECTIVE Website - Extensive Gig Listings ! blog has best Irish gigs listings i know of plus some other nice stuff. above page huge amount of gigs listed here from DIY to arena biggies. after a couple of EDITS i think i've got links right - sorry about...
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    Best football video game ever. my 9 year old nephew showed me this today. there's also a game called on there called Rooney Rampage - similar idea but not anything like as clever.
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    remember back before the internet when bands said they'd never put out CD'S and being punk meant being anti-corporate technology like computers ? (without the internet nobody saw they were any good for anything). green anarchy seemed like a great idea. computers were ridiculously expensive one...
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    managers who talk sense in post match interviews

    there are three in the Premier League mangers who talk clear sense regularly who I'm reallly impressed with: and the winner is...... (1) MARTIN JOL WHAT A PLEASANT HUMAN BEING.... gives bang on analysis and almost seems incapable of being of being biased. has an amazing ability to detach...
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    how do people 'working' spend all day on THUMPED ?

    how do people who work on computers get away with being on the internet day after day? bear in mind i was honestly extremely surprised to find that this site was/is busier during the day than in the evening. what sort of job descriptions do you slack MF's have? i.e. what are you supposed to be...
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    noisecore/noisegrind thread!

    i've wanted to do one of these since i joined. i got into noisecore as far as i can remember in 1993. when i got a comp. tape of finnish bands which also included CRIPPLE BASTARDS from the guy who does this great noisecore discography site: . after that i...
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    Ian McKaye MRR #8 1983

    This is taken from Ian Mc Kaye's joint interview with Vic Bondi (AOF) and Dave Dictor (MDC) in MRR #8 September 1983. Ian Mckaye : "First of all the white people were like 'fuck the niggers' , and all of a sudden it's 'the black man is great. We love him. We're going to do everything for him,'...
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    tour de france 2005

    i'm coming out of the closet as a pro cycling fan. the big one stars on saturday in vendee. LA gear is retiring afterwards. armstrong claimed over the winter he might skip the tour and concentrate on other races - nonsense which was never on the cards. instead he showed less interest in the...
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    UEFA cup az Alkamaar v sporting lisbon

    did anyone see this thursday night on eurosport? alkmaar were winning 3-1 (4-3 on agg.) in e.t. with 121 mins. played when a bastard called garcia scored from a corner to put sporting through on away goals. the ball went through the defender on the near post's legs if only they had cleared it...
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    how many records do you own?/ how many are punk?

    i've got about 1000 or more records (i didn't count). about 300 cd's and the rest is vinyl mostly ep's. mostly it's about 75% hardcore/ grind/noise stuff with the remainder being mostly post punk and new wave stuff (kraftwerk to crispy ambulance to old swans and wimpy stuff i got second hand)...