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  1. Break Neck Speed

    Ampeg SVP pro all tube preamp + loads of other gear for sale:

    Equipment for sale: Ampeg svp pro all tube bass preamp (serviced & re-tubed) Crown xti 1000 power amp Korg dtr 2000 rack tuner Furman power conditioner 6U shock proof rack case Orange 4x12 flight case (will fit other cabs too) 19" Zildjian A custom crash (used for 18 half hour gigs) 20"...
  2. Break Neck Speed

    Bacchus + guests // Lower Deck // Fri 10th Dec:

    Just posting to avoid clashes. More details soon.
  3. Break Neck Speed

    FAO: Very Slowey

    Where have you been the past few years? I miss you ya lil retard. :)
  4. Break Neck Speed

    Multi Guitar Case on Ryanair:

    Does anyone know for sure that if you had one of these cases below that you would be charged for 1 instrument only on a flight?
  5. Break Neck Speed

    Is this the end for eirecore?

    The board has been in steady decline the past year & a half. Seriously low amount of posts & general craic to be had. Wha happend? The new layout hasnt helped much either. Ive hardly logged on since the change but thats mainly because I browse before I log in but there is nowt really to post...
  6. Break Neck Speed

    Killer Screen Print:

    New decade, fresh start & to mark the official start of the business im offering: 20 white tees (FOL valueweight) with 1 colour print for 100 euro. The offer starts this Monday 14th Feb & runs until the end of the month. If anyone is interested email me at the above address or get in touch...
  7. Break Neck Speed

    16 ohm thd hotplate:

    Anyone interested in one? Ive one but have two 16 ohm orange cabs now so an 8 ohm load from the head. Its useless to me now. Will swap for an 8 ohm hotplate or sell this to you if anyone is interested.
  8. Break Neck Speed

    FS: Sonar Maple snare:

    Sonar "force" Maple snare: * All maple shell * Immaculate condition * Bearing edges like new * Birdseye maple finish * 10 Lugs per side for sensitive tuning * Triple flange hoops * "Puresound blasters" snare wires (these are worth 35 euro alone!) * Circa 1990 (see link attached)...
  9. Break Neck Speed

    Music gear clear out:

    All items priced to sell. All my cymbals are broken so its bye bye to all the pedals & stuff I never used. Il post actual pics if you want but all are in perfect nic with just the usual scuffs from being pressed with your feet. Korg dt10 tuner (black) : 50 euro EH Holy grail reverb: 60 euro...
  10. Break Neck Speed

    New Cymbals:

    So Ive broken all my cymbals. Radial cracks in the ride & two crashes. Mostly due to me not using any top felts the past 2 years. Im not really bothered about the crashes as Ive gone through my second set of Zildjian avedis rock crashes in 6 years but Ive had the ride (avedis ping ride) since I...
  11. Break Neck Speed

    Happy Christmas.

    Hope ye all have a good one :)
  12. Break Neck Speed

    Im ordering from thomann tonight:

    Anyone need anything? Will be in Cork & Dublin for BOW359 gig Friday & Saturday week. Should have the stuff then if delivered. Pm me the links for the products.
  13. Break Neck Speed

    Font help:

    What font is that on the tee: Thanks.
  14. Break Neck Speed

    Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights:

    Any of ye been up that far north? I wana go but cheaply. There is cheap flights to Oslo but its a massive trek up to north of Norway from there. Any suggestions?
  15. Break Neck Speed

    Divisions Ruin + Bacchus / The Tap / 30th Dec:

    Euro tour warm up gig: Divisions Ruin, Bacchus, + more tbc Just posting to avoid clashes. Full details soon.
  16. Break Neck Speed

    Contact no for Darragh Lynch:

    Please & thanks. Tis urgent.
  17. Break Neck Speed

    Battle of Wolf 359 (UK) / Drainland / Bacchus: 19th Nov - Galway

    BATTLE OF WOLF 359 (UK): Good review of the lp here. "they’re very, very heavy and very, very good" DRAINLAND: Dark & heavy hardcore from Dublin. BACCHUS: Atmospheric HC/Crust from Galway...
  18. Break Neck Speed

    Contact no for Eamonn Rimbaud:

  19. Break Neck Speed

    Punk Post:

    Anyone traveling from Dublin to Galway this week/next week? Fancy picking up the bacchus 7 inches for us? Freebies for whoever can do it. Pm me if you can help out. Thanks. :)
  20. Break Neck Speed

    Gear Clear Out!!

    The jam room is full of gear that hasnt been used in a long time due to being replaced by better gear etc so gona flog it to make room for more lovely gear. :) ---------------------------------------------------- Pearl Export Drum Kit (Black): Shells only (incl gig bags): 22" bass drum...