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    Double fucking Dagger

    Seriously can't get enough of them. I started listening to them when I saw they were playing in Dublin (end of May I think) and they were from the whole Wham City scene and fucking hell, they're amazing. Gig upstairs in Whelans was one of the best I've ever been at. They can do no wrong as far...
  2. J

    Music/Film/Art Documentaries/Films

    yoo What are good music films? Specifically ones about DIY culture, punk, indie etc but generally any good, interesting films about music. Documentaries included obviously. As well as music films, ones about DIY culture in general, or art or anything cool. Basically what I am after is...
  3. J

    What Mountain Goats Album?

    What Mountain Goats album should I get to make me fall in love with them?
  4. J

    Making things sound less digital

    I'm writing a few songs here and there. I found a decent vst synth which has some nice warm sounding instruments but then my beats sound really digital and cold alongside them. Any tips and tricks as to how to make them sound less cold? Thaaaaankkks
  5. J

    MIDI Interface Heelp

    allo allo I'm planning on getting a Midi keyboard and interface for crimbo but need to decide what to get. I was thinking of an M-Audio Keyrig and a Firewire Solo but then I saw that the Solo doesn't actually have Midi inputs. I'm wondering whether the latency you get when plugging a midi...
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    Here, Can we get another skin for this place?

    The black skin messes up my eyes.
  7. J

    Viva La Revolution and stuff Sounds promising. Although, it could descend into shitness quick enough if they just let anyone contribute. I do like John Mclure too, dunno why.
  8. J

    Estel Interview

    I dunno whether I'm allowed do this or wha, but here's an interview I did with Bushie from Estel. He said some pretty great stuff so it's worth a read (if I don't say so myself).
  9. J

    Record Shops Dublin

    Hello there, I moved to Dublin recently and am looking for somewhere other than Tower to buy cd's and vinyl. Somewhere where I can get lost in a sea of obscure bands etc. Noticed a lot of stuff I want isn't in Tower and Borderline doesn't have a great selection. Any gems about where the music...