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  1. jillface

    Free Gig, Le Cirk, Tuesday August 10th. The Blue Bambinos, Total Winners, Mick Grace.

    This is happening tomorrow. Free in. Here's the blurb. Blue Bambinos: "Blue Bambinos are a dirty, twangy, experimental blues, rockabilly lounge jazz quartet. They play a weird party music - if they play at your party it might get weird, but if your part is weird enough they'll play." - Andy...
  2. jillface

    transferring money from paypal to credit card?

    Yo, I'm having money transferred to me from England and Paypal seems to be the only option for this chap. I'm wondering if I can then transfer that to a credit card account or does it only work the other way 'round with Paypal? Ta.
  3. jillface

    Pavement ATP ticket for sale

    Yo, 1 ticket for sale, might have a connection to another if someone wants to buy a pair. PM if you're interested. Ta.
  4. jillface

    Boojum Mexican Burrito Bar

    Absolutely savage place opened up there recently in Millenium Walkway beside Jervis St. Shopping Centre. I was lucky enough to have been there on one of their opening days of service and they were givin' them away for free, awesomez! Been back since and thoroughly enjoyed it again. Everything...
  5. jillface

    Exit Through The Gift Shop Film documenting the works of Banksy and other street artists while also chronicling the life of Theirry Guetta and the conception of Mr. Brainwash. Although it left me feeling hollow inside, I thought it was really good. It was pretty interesting and some of it...
  6. jillface

    Roadburn ticket for sale

    Also have flights from Wed to Mon. Get in touch if you're interested.
  7. jillface

    ATP May 8-10, chalet ticket for sale

    Yo, a friend of mine can't afford to go and needs to find a happy home for his ticket. 200 blips, sharing a chalet with some lovely people. PM me if you're interested. Thaaaaanks.
  8. jillface

    Mad Ice Cream Flavours

    Been making lots of ice cream with my frens ice cream making machine recently and I'm looking to be more adventurous with the flavours now that I've done the basics. I don't want posh wanky ones that scare me like this But something like this looks nice...
  9. jillface

    Alert: Your emails are bouncing back

    I keep getting PMs saying my emails are bouncing back from my old unused email address even though I've changed to my current one in my settings. Wai?
  10. jillface

    PA equipment for sale

    Yo yo yo! My Dad is looking to get rid of his Dynacord Powermate 600 desk with two 300 Watt Peavey speakers and leads. Not sure how long he's had it but he said it's all working fine and he's never had any problem with it. He says 865 yoyos. Desk looks like this. Also I'm looking to get...
  11. jillface

    binaural beats

    anyone ever gotten into this? went to sleep listening to some delta waves for a deep dreamless sleep and that's what i got. it was lovely. might try for some dreams tonight since i haven't had any in a while. here's the wikipedia entry on binaural beats if you've no idea what i'm on about.
  12. jillface

    windows service pack 2

    recently formatted and reinstalled xp on my laptop with a copy of xp pro my sister gave me. just got an ipod touch for my birthday and itunes won't install because service pack 2 is missing. sad. downloaded a crack for sp2 but it didnt work. what to do?
  13. jillface

    Takeshi's Castle

    i'm surprised there's not a thread about this show already. maybe there is and i just couldn't find it. but ANYWAY. great show. do you reckon craig charles is pissed when he's commentating? i do.
  14. jillface

    vita cola

    do you think if i asked really nicely aldi or lidl would start stocking this for me? i have had dreams about the stuff. WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT
  15. jillface

    recession food and booze deals

    sin e have three euro pints of guinness on mondays. insomnia have any sandwich and any coffee for a fiver. londis have those croissaints at 36c this week. cmon, there's gotta be more. anyone? i imagine you could find a boozer for each day of the week that has a deal on pints. oh yeah, i'm on...
  16. jillface

    first day of christmas

    the other day a friend of mine suggested christmas officially begins on december 1st. my argument is that december 1st is actually when december begins and december ≠ christmas. for some reason i think it begins anywhere between the 7th and the 16th. i don't know why. my mam would always wait...
  17. jillface

    Which thumped babe do you prefer?

    sweetoblivion or krystal ?
  18. jillface

    The Sci-fi Channel

    has the most ridiculous movies on at night! I just saw a woman's nipple get rubbed and a genie come out. So the woman's wish for a totally smokin' body has just been granted and she's walking around touching herself. Get this though, her second wish is for her friend Judy to finally be able to...
  19. jillface

    men acting like babies

    what's the fuckin story lads?
  20. jillface

    deadly friday night

    i want one tonight. anything worthwhile going on?