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  1. hydromancer

    Banana Bread

    Anyone got a good recipe for this I am trying to put a banana bread plan together I have some nice bourbon I can put into it.
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    2019 albums worth a listen.....

  3. hydromancer

    US Election 2018 🗳

    Polling the 2018 Midterm Elections in Real Time
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    All Hallows Eve MMXVI

  5. hydromancer

    Climate change global warming natural disaster freak weather etc.

    Maybe it would be interesting to have a thread about this Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Images-of-change
  6. hydromancer

    Cooking with a wok / Asian food

    So after watching this video I used the wok for some cooking the other night. Has to be said not a bad pan for frying or even boiling with water very fast and hot and easy to mix ingrediants (had some veg with couscous) Interesting diary this guy has although there sometimes weird foods
  7. hydromancer

    Paradise Lost and Lucifer Ticket Bill

    I have a ticket for this on Sunday which I cant make now so does anyone it for free ? It is not sold out either so.. PARADISE LOST Plus Special Guests LUCIFER The Academy Sun. 27th Sep. 2015 Doors 7 finish 10.30pm Would trade this for a thumped year membership maybe ?
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    What is this ?
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    EU Digital VAT Directive

    Might affect the cost of stuff 2015 Digital services changes » VAT Live All About The New 2015 EU VAT Rules - PAYMILL Blog
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    Bizzaro early Kraftwerk TV appearance

  11. hydromancer

    Makoto Kawabata & Kishino Kazuyuki

    Short live clip of Makoto Kawabata ( Acid Mothers Temple) and Kishino Kazuyuki (KK NULL,ZENI GEVA) who are doing a small tour in Japan I wonder if they will make an album together
  12. hydromancer

    [Nov 6, 2014] Anais Mitchell, Rachel Ries (Whelan's)

    Rachel Ries Rachel Ries
  13. hydromancer

    Blasphemy referendum

    Looks like there will be a referendum on that blasphemy law Ireland set to call referendum on blasphemy laws | World news | The Guardian It’s official: We’ll have a referendum to remove blasphemy from the Constitution
  14. hydromancer

    mayonnaise on chips

    Mayonnaise on chips any thoughts or opinions on this ? Easy enough to make mayo you have to add the oil slowly i geuss ramsey can explain it But no vinegar ? ...
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    This is on tomorow Testaments guitar player... Wed 25th Button factory Doors 7pm €20 Full seated show (unreserved seating) Set 1 8 - 8.45 Set 2 9 - 9.45
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    Droneing Gong Orchestra

    Nakatani Gong Orchestra (NGO) Tatsuya Nakatani
  17. hydromancer

    Thelema NOW! podcast Podcast from ordo templi orients. Interveiws with various muscians and writers of occult and art books...
  18. hydromancer

    Loudest Whisper

    Anyone know this band ? I saw there lp from the 70's for sale somwhere they are still active and touring so i dont know if anybody knows them ? Its not really my thing its a bit to harmonic or melodious for me.. !
  19. hydromancer

    Fuelless Car

    Saw this in one of the newspaper a year or two ago it is a feulless car that runs on air pressure alone it deos ninety miles to its air until it needs to refill again which takes 15 min i think.