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  1. Alan Remorse

    Letter From Belgium - LFB002 - Free download

    Hey, here is the link to download the new Letter From Belgium album. 6 tracks, 40 minutes. Listen here: Thanks.
  2. Alan Remorse

    Hooray For Humans uk tour..

    Yo, We're doing a few gigs in the UK.. 21 Oct - Bar Bloc, Glasgow 22 Oct - Cellar 35, Aberdeen 23 Oct - Balcony Bar, Dundee 25 Oct - Ship And Mitre, Liverpool 27 Oct - The Meze, Newport 28 Oct - The Packhorse, Leeds 29 Oct - The Chameleon, Nottingham 30 Oct - The Big Blue, Derby 2...
  3. Alan Remorse

    REPETITION - every Sunday at The Quad, Cork

    Hello, I know not many people from Cork look at this forum and all.. Buuuuut if you find yourself in Cork on Sunday night, I now DJ every Sunday night in The Quad at a new night called Repetition. Admission is free and there are bands playing beforehand sometimes. Forecast calls for 80%...
  4. Alan Remorse

    Hooray For Humans / Heathers gigs in August

    If people are around like... 12th Aug - Limerick, Dolan's upstairs 13th Aug - Galway, Roisin Dubh (FREE GIG) 14th Aug - Cork, The Quad (FREE GIG) 15th Aug - Dublin, Whelan's upstairs
  5. Alan Remorse

    Letter From Belgium - "LFB001" - Free download

    Hey all, Here's an EP i recorded. 6 tracks. You can download it here:
  6. Alan Remorse

    Super Tennis / Hooray For Humans tour this week

    Hey all, We're doing a few gigs with Super Tennis from London this week. Here are the dates: Wed 15th - Cork, The Quad (FREE GIG) Thurs 16th - Tralee, Club Head Bang Bang (FREE GIG) Fri 17th - Dublin, The Lower Deck Sat 18th - Limerick, Baker Place ++++++++ SUPER TENNIS ++++++++ Super...
  7. Alan Remorse

    Another laptop question

    sorry. anyways, i have to buy a new laptop, my powerbook is totally shit. i think i'll only be able to afford a PC, I guess a Dell or summat. Are these compatible with ProTools generally? I'm using an Mbox. I did find a page where it listed the Processors that are compatible/incompatible...
  8. Alan Remorse

    AKAI MPC 2000XL for sale

    Hey, I'm selling my MPC 2000XL. I'm looking for 800 euro for it. It's in mint condition and perfect working order. The only reason I'm selling it is because I need the money. It's breaking my heart to sell it to be honest. This is the classic MPC 2000XL, if you're reading this you...
  9. Alan Remorse

    Hooray For Humans, Kidd Blunt etc - Friday, Eamonn Doran's

    Hi all, this is on friday...
  10. Alan Remorse

    friday 13th remake

    omg! i am secretly looking forward to this... the good news is that it will feature "both sack and mask" Yes!
  11. Alan Remorse

    h4h gigs in uk this week

    hello, we're playing some gigs in the uk, unfortunately we had some cancellations.. but if anyone is around here are the dates 5th - glasgow - bar bloc 6th - dundee - balcony bar 8th - sheffield - the stock room 10th - oxford - the wheatsheaf 12th - london, brixton - the windmill ta...
  12. Alan Remorse

    Hey nlgbbbblth!

    So The Vault Of Horror was just on Channel 4... Was deadly! I'd never seen it before.. I love those old horror compendiums. Ironic deaths! Twist endings! Camp English guys! All those movies have a certain feel that you don't get anywhere else. Are there any lesser known English horrors...
  13. Alan Remorse

    Mac Question - sorry

    hello, buying a new mac and looking for a bitta advice. was gonna put this in techy forum but seeing as i'll be using it mostly for recording and live use, i put it here. i currently have a powerbook that's about 3 years old. it's constantly crashing during playback in protools and it's...
  14. Alan Remorse

    Hooray For Humans' cover of Crayonsmith's "Anxious"

    Yello, Our cover of Crayonsmith's 'Anxious' is on our page now. This was recorded in my kitchen for Out On A Limb's anniversary CD '5 Years Of Missed Deadlines'. It was also my first attempt at recording a song intended to be heard by anyone but my...
  15. Alan Remorse

    loop station question

    hello, another potentially stupid question. does anyone know if there's a loop station there with a programmable click? ie one you can set to quantize to a specific bpm? and also is there a way i could possibly sync a loop station with a backing track? abelton or something like that...
  16. Alan Remorse

    bersarin quartett

    this is very very very good. album is amazing.
  17. Alan Remorse

    My new 'ambient' thing.. Letter From Belgium

    Hello all! This is stuff I'm working on by myself when I'm not playing with Hooray For Humans. Mostly like Labradford, Stars Of The Lid, Atlas Sound etc.... Only one track now but more next week. ta
  18. Alan Remorse

    bringing synths on flights to new york

    hey, we're playing at cmj next week but we use a juno 60 and a polysix... firstly, it'll prob cost loads to get em over, and secondly, is it even a good idea in the first place? are baggage handlers likely to smash my beloved synths into a million pieces? or will some fucked up altitude thing...
  19. Alan Remorse

    Stars Of The Lid film

    It's out in 2010.
  20. Alan Remorse

    CMJ Fest in New York

    Hey, weelllllll if anyone knows folks in new york, hassle them... ourselves (hooray for humans), giveamanakick and heathers are playing CMJ Fest next month. The lineup is fucking sick... A Place​ to Bury Stran​gers,​ Broke​n Socia​l Scene​,​ Deerh​oof,​ Gang Gang Dance​,​ Marni​e...