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  1. hermie

    Fargo season 4
  2. hermie

    What are you a member of?

    Was cleaning out my wallet and took note that I'm not too involved in clubs, societies etc and have a strange urge to remedy that. The only membership cards I have are the IFI (probably expired), Barnhall Rugby club (although I haven't paid my subs for the year) and Dublin City Public Libraries...
  3. hermie

    Should we do a TV show list as well?

    The 50 best TV shows of 2018: 50-21 Stewart Lee was great. The Terror was incredible also far too far down the list. Wild Wild Country was probably the pick of the Netflix shows. Anything else? Nathan for You ending was the big (bad) news of the year for me “Nathan for You” Has Ended, Comedy...
  4. hermie

    Match the pedal to the tune

    Always interested in this. How certain pedals become associated with certain players. Obviously everyone uses Big Muffs but Billy Corgan is probably most famous for using them across whole albums. Jack White and the Digitech Whammy another well known association.
  5. hermie

    Bin companies

    Are any of them better than the others?
  6. hermie

    JP McManus

    Thoughts on his latest stunt with the GAA? On the one hand, most billionaire tax exiles - particularly Irish ones - don't give back as much as he does to the local community so I suppose he should be lauded for that at least. On the other I don't get to decide where my tax money goes, why should...
  7. hermie

    The Terror 2

    'The Terror' Renewed for World War II-Themed Second Season at AMC First season was great. Interesting that they're going to continue it in a different setting.
  8. hermie

    Best way to send someone your bank details

    As in the safest way. Text, email, whatsapp, other or are they all more or less the same?
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    Songs about writing songs

    Has this ever been done? Elton John's 'Your Song' is probably the most famous. That and most others I know are stinkers. Love this one though Thee More Shallows - Freshman Thesis Lyrics | SongMeanings
  10. hermie

    Comprehensive list of bands under pressure to change their name

    Viet Cong Are Changing Their Name Apparently someone who had a family member tortured in a prison camp in Vietnam got upset and a promoter cancelled one of their shows. Newsflash, America torture prisoners too! Should every band who reference America, American or the US Army also change their...
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    The Dongle Joke

    A Dongle Joke That Spiraled Way Out Of Control | TechCrunch
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    Sheet Music

    My girlfriend's (Spanish) mother plays accordion and is looking to learn a few Irish tunes. Anyone know a good place to find sheet music for some standards, rather not have to buy them if I can help it but don't mind doing that either if that's the only reliable option??
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    Was going to post this in the Six Nations thread but then thought it might be best to have a rugby perspective in a non-rugby-specific thread of it's own. Thoughtful and well-informed and argued response to Kimmage I say. What do you think @scutter ? Alan Quinlan: ‘ If there was a systematic...
  14. hermie

    Nov 15th: Crayonsmith, Ginnels, Owensie, The Former Soviet Republic - Bello Bar €8

    After my rant earlier I figured I better start a thread on this: Ginnels Owensie Music | The Former Soviet Republic
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    Comprehensive list of your Top 10 TV Shows

    As much as I love it, it wouldn't make my Top 10
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    Comprehensive List Of BYOB Restaurants In Dublin

    Has there been a thread on this? If you enjoy a beer with your curry or a bottle of wine with your bolognese it can make such a huge difference to the price at the end of the night. Trying to compile a list of the above, so far I've got: Rotana Cafe Restaurant LEBANESE HALAL CUISINE - Dublin...
  17. hermie

    Pat Rabbitte

    Looks like Petulant Pat is on his way out. Good riddance. Got to be the most un-Labour ministerial tenure in the history of the State: Petulant Pat going down with all guns blazing
  18. hermie

    Julia Holter

    Any fans here? Anyone going to either of the two gigs?
  19. hermie

    Crayonsmith Album Launch this Saturday (2 Nov) - w/ Chirps and Rory Francis O'Brien

    In the Grand Social. 10 in or 15 with the vinyl, which looks like this: Album :: Crayonsmith « Harmless Noise Crayonsmith launch new album Milk Teeth in Cork on Saturday | The Point Of Everything
  20. hermie

    Anyone got a spare ticket for Low tonight?

    looks like it sold out last minute and someone I know didn't get their arse in gear. Muchos gracias