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  1. Lolo

    What gig didn't you go to last night?

    Yup, it was deadly. More electronic and less proggy than I expected, based on Steve Davis and Kavus Torabi's DJ sets
  2. Lolo

    What gig didn't you go to last night?

    Was too sick to go to Imperial Wax on Wednesday. But thought it was Thursday, so posted up everywhere to see if somebody wanted my ticket for free, was wondering why nobody wanted it. Was it good?
  3. Lolo

    What gig did you go to last night?

    Cheesy yes, but not necessarily shite, there are some pop gems in the John Hughes soundtrack years....
  4. Lolo

    What Book Did You Read Last Night???

    Every year I read A Book I Should Have Read By Now, this year's is Moby Dick. I'm on page 224 or 536. It's a struggle at times, I ain't gonna lie - starts off really readable and atmospheric, then he goes off on weird tangents about the different types of whales, and the cultural significance of...
  5. Lolo

    What gig did you go to last night?

    The cheese factor was higher than I expected (had kind of forgotten about the John Hughes soundtrack years) but it was highly enjoyable cheese.
  6. Lolo

    What television series are you currently making your way through?

    Anyone else watching The Dark Crystal? Took me a while to get into but now I'm dreaming in Gelfling.
  7. Lolo

    Nick Cave at the 3Arena

    He can feck off with those prices.
  8. Lolo

    Not a very Thumped gig but....

    ....has anyone got any sparesies for OMD in the Olympia on Thursday night?
  9. Lolo

    Jaysus cycling!

    Yup, it's actually snapped now, gotta bring it to the bike shop (in fairness my bike is about 12 years old and this is the first time I've had to get anything done to it other than a service)
  10. Lolo

    Jaysus cycling!

    Cycling hive mind - one of my wheel spokes has snapped out of place. I stuck it back in but it pinged itself out again. Can I glue it in? What kind of glue?
  11. Lolo

    What movie did you watch last night?

    I saw Joker last night - really enjoyed it but felt like a bad person for enjoying it so much. Because it *does* glorify the lone, disenfranchised gunman, and it does demonise the mentally ill.... but having said that it also illustrates (a very extreme version of) what happens when you cut...
  12. Lolo

    I saw a thing in the garden

    Make sure you don't give him cow's milk. They're very fond of it but it makes them ill (a bit like meself).
  13. Lolo

    Major Complaints Thread

    ... and he was Marianne Faithfull's great-uncle. Fun fact.
  14. Lolo

    Minor complaints thread

    Check with the venue in case there are returns. If that fails, make a sign saying "ticket needed, face value please" and stand outside the venue, patrol the nearest pubs, has worked for me loads of times.
  15. Lolo

    Mark E Smiths wanted

    It went really well! Thanks to any of the Mark E Smiths who are on here :-) I reckon they'll be back.
  16. Lolo

    Mark E Smiths wanted

    Ha! Well, we're not expecting people to actually *sing* - unless somebody wants to do Edniburgh Man of course.
  17. Lolo

    Mark E Smiths wanted

    We still haven't had any advance volunteers, I'm hoping yiz are all going to step up on the night.... in the meantime here's a taster of some other MES-es from a previous gig to inspire you:
  18. Lolo

    Minor Pleasures

    Cycled to work with freshly-pumped tyres. Wheeeeeeee!
  19. Lolo

    Recently Purchased

    Is music memorabilia allowed on this thread? If so, could somebody tell me how much they paid for Stereolab mugs at the gig in May? I couldn't afford one then but just bought one online 'cause I can now. Probably for three times the price.
  20. Lolo

    Fontaines DC

    I was very discombobulated the first time I heard Shane McGowan speak. Awwight mate?