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  1. Lolo

    Not a very Thumped gig but....

    ....has anyone got any sparesies for OMD in the Olympia on Thursday night?
  2. Lolo

    Mark E Smiths wanted

    ... for the Fallen Women gig in the Sound House on August 24th. We're a karaoke band playing music by the Fall (and Fall-y versions of songs the Fall covered). Male Marks, female Marks, transgender Marks all welcome. Who's in?
  3. Lolo

    Anyone want to put on an all-female Fall karaoke band in Dublin?

    OK, so I've had zero offers for gigs for my Proper Band in Dublin. But I also play keyboards in The Fallen Women, an all-female band playing songs by The Fall, with the added novelty that you, yes you, can get up and be Mark E Smith. Surely SOMEBODY in Dublin would like to put us on...
  4. Lolo

    MX Tyrants (featuring Lolo who used to be on here all the time but never is any more)

    Some of you really, really, really old people will remember me. Here's my new band's video, giz a shout if you want a link to the MP3 to play on the radio, in podcasts etc. We're based in London but gigs in Ireland aren't out of the question, particularly Dublin as we'd have accommodation sorted.
  5. Lolo

    Wine making

    Anyone ever done it from scratch, starting with juicing the grapes? (Which I suspect might be the most pain-in-the-ass part). I've a fuckload of grapes growing in my garden, after the heavy rain last week they've gone mental. Other grapey recipes also welcomed!
  6. Lolo

    Japan bassist Mick Karn has terminal cancer :-(

    Apologies if anyone else has posted this, it's news to me: Rotten news.
  7. Lolo

    Billy Childsh on Radio 4 Mostly about his art but covers his music as well.
  8. Lolo

    Songs you sing to your pets

    Alas I don't have any pets myself, but when I walk my ma's dog I sing a version of Missy Elliot's "Get Your Freak On", except it's "Get Your Lead On". And when he runs around the garden like a mad thing, I sing this to him, to the tune of Plastic Bertrand's "Ca Plane Por Moi": Mad dog mad...
  9. Lolo

    Malcolm McClaren on Serge Gainsbourg

    Good Radio 2 doc the other night: Depends on whether Malcy annoys you or not, I know some people can't stand him but I like him as a presenter.
  10. Lolo

    Mathematics for music nerds

    Skip to 20.27 for a mathematical answer to the mystery of the first chord on A Hard Day's Night, and an analysis of the harmonics of the rock'n'roll voice.
  11. Lolo

    Proxy Music need a saxophonist!

    On the off-chance that any of yiz are based in London, can play sax and would like to be in a fab early Roxy Music/ early solo Eno tribute band: Hello folks, Proxy Music's saxophonist has just deigned to inform me that he cannot play any of our upcoming gigs, therefore we need a replacement...
  12. Lolo

    Father Brian Eno on Radio 4

    .... discussing volcanoes and The Long Now among other things:
  13. Lolo

    Let the Right One In

    Anyone seen this yet? I love vampire flicks and I love broody atmospheric Scandinavian art films so it was right up my street. Beautifully shot, amazing sound design, great performance from the 2 young leads, and sums up the boredom and alienation of being 12 years old perfectly.
  14. Lolo

    Lux Interior RIP :( Apologies if someone else has posted this already.
  15. Lolo

    Nico documenary on Radio 4 ... with contributions from John Cale, and Nico's son Ari.
  16. Lolo

    Rory Gallagher doc on Radio 2

    I've never been that much of a fan, I respect the man more than I actually like his music. But this was really good - best bits are Johnny Marr and Brian May illustrating how they "adapted" RG's guitar parts for their own:
  17. Lolo

    Promo video for Dublin street style book

    None of me in there, thank fuck, but lots of familiar faces (and haircuts).
  18. Lolo

    Nabbing stuff left outside charity shops

    I nabbed a load of stuff from outside my local charity shop recently. I'm still feeling a bit guilty about it, but am justifying it in the following ways: 1) There are big signs up saying "please don't leave items outside when the shop is not open", and the shop was clearly not open; 2) It's...
  19. Lolo

    Herbal tea plants

    Not quite sure whether this should be on Food or Lifestyle, but anyway... I'm currently growing mint and lemon verbena in my window boxes, both are really nice added to hot water to make tea, and have health benefits (mint for digestion, verbena for candida). Anyone know any other plants...