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    Conniffe + Walsh / Children Under Hoof / Estel - the joinery 25th august

    Brian Conniffe ( Suzanne Walsh ( with Damien Donovan ( and Diarmuid MacDiarmada (
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    Conniffe + Walsh / Children Under Hoof / Estel - the joinery 25th august

    Brian Conniffe ( Suzanne Walsh ( with Damien Donovan ( and Diarmuid MacDiarmada ( ...
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    Brian Conniffe + Vicky Langan (Female Orphan Asylum) : Pathworking - free download
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    J. G. Ballard R.I.P.
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    fewer than 200 individuals of the world's total population would enjoy this piece *

    * does not include people who own records by nurse with wound.
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    are tags gone?

    if so, good. it might have been nice, though, if the users who posted them were made visible, just so all those cowards who were leaving anonymous insults could be revealed.
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    'I think we've found three pop stars'.
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    Hans Christian Andersen & William S Burroughs : Dublin 9th April - 29th June

    IMMA exhibition 9th April-29th June Cut-Outs and Cut-Ups: Hans Christian Andersen and William Seward Burroughs 9 April - 29 June 2008 Focusing on the cut-outs and cut-ups of Hans Christian Andersen and William Seward Burroughs, this exhibitionis the first to compare these...
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    Reggae-enraged chef bites off builder's ear

    Monday, January 7, 2008 An award-winning north-west London chef chewed off part of a builder's ear after a row about reggae, a court has heard. Michael Jenkins, whose venison roulade won him dinner for two at one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants, ran into trouble after temporarily swapping the...
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    The Orb appreciation thread

    recently dug out - for the first time in years - the "U.F.Off" best of compilation. delighted to hear almost all of it still holds up as wonderful music. the likes of "little fluffy clouds", "blue room" and "oxbow lakes" won't be growing stale anytime soon. some absolutely killer smooth...
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    an excellent argument.
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    favourite album cover artwork

    nurse with wound: a missing sense artist: babs santini nurse with wound: sugar fish drink artist: babs santini nurse with wound: homotopy to marie artist: babs santini...
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    Shaye Saint John

    reality? fiction? utterly bizarre either way, like something leaked out of a david lynch nightmare. "The story behind Shaye Saint John is that she was a beautiful woman who was horribly disfigured in a car accident. As a result, she appears in public wearing a mask, and hobbles along with...
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    Brian Conniffe Podcast Four

    more conventionally melodic stuff this time, actual songs even! backworld: the devil's plaything labradford: wr paul robeson: joshua fit the battle of jericho nina simone: love me or leave me emile latimer: black is the...
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    Brian Conniffe Podcast Three

    this was a personal "hypnagogia" mix cd i made for myself to fall asleep to. many of my friends seem to enjoy it, so here it is: constructed from elements of: throbbing gristle: live at nuffield theatre southampton 1977...
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    Brian Conniffe Podcast Two

    here / hear: this one is a little different to the first. for one thing, my crackely old voice isn't on this one, and all the tracks are mixed together. a bit like a dj set, except you wont be able to dance to it. unless...
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    Brian Conniffe Podcast One

    here is my first podcast: i hope to do ones regularly. my thanks to gambra for his excellent podcast guide and for the recommendation of the files-upload site, and to pete for thumped! feedback / reactions of all kinds...