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  1. Boobee

    Major Complaints Thread

    Y'know those people who just won't take responsibility for their actions? We all know one, maybe an acquaintance, a friend, a family member - even their S/O. Maybe your S/O or ex. Those who just can't face the shame of all the harm they caused; the chaos, the unprovoked aggressive and violent...
  2. Boobee

    What Twitter pile on are you watching right now

    The whole Biden visit has been nauseating and I am loathe to add to the social media storm, but I fuckin love when someone gets owned because of a stupid assumption they didn't bother to do their due diligence on. As if we sit around all day talking about fighting the Brits, we have way better...
  3. Boobee

    Tinnitus Trials

    Did this after the Lightning Bolt gig a couple of weeks ago, totally works
  4. Boobee

    Minor complaints thread

    The road works that started this morning outside my flat continue. They were supposed to finish at 4. If the fucking beeping doesn't stop I won't be held responsible for my actions
  5. Boobee

    Minor Pleasures

    It was Meshuggah! Z&A were really good, hadn't heard of them before the gig.
  6. Boobee

    Minor Pleasures

    Same! Male:female ratio was about 150:1, so that helped with the no queues
  7. Boobee

    Minor complaints thread

    Aramark pricks took over the cafes and the absolute muppets have sweet fuck all coeliac options. In a hospital. Here since 9.30, been to one clinic, now waiting for bloods, then xray, then eye clinic, and the offspring can't eat anything. What a shower of absolute bastards.
  8. Boobee

    What gig(s) are you going to this week?

    War on Drugs in the Point on Thursday. Buzzing for it since last Friday's disappointment with the Mdou Moctar gig. Better be a good show!
  9. Boobee

    Minor complaints thread

    Crumlin hospital outpatients dept. is as uncomfortable as it was in January 2020, when we were here last.
  10. Boobee

    What charity to donate to?
  11. Boobee

    Obscure Compilation Recommendations?

    Analog Africa and Ostinato Records have put together some really good compilations. Both labels are on bandcamp. Lots of stuff from long forgotten tape archives, worth checking out!
  12. Boobee

    Barcelonaaaa I had a lot of fun in this bar. Also worth seeing Sagrada Familia church for the sheer size of it. I didn't book tickets, just walked around the outside in awe. La Rambla is full of...
  13. Boobee

    Women's clothes

    Personally, I like vouchers or to be asked if there's something I've had my eye on. It's so cringe when a SO buys you clothes and it's the wrong size or isn't something that you like. Buying for a SO can be time consuming and bloody difficult so when receiving a clothing gift there's all this...
  14. Boobee

    Minor complaints thread

    There's a subtle difference though; wanker McGregor-wannabes, who are clearly compensating for their sense of masculine inferiority, generally drive shiny cars with fat noisy exhausts. The difference with bikers with noisy exhausts is partially vanity, partially safety. You can hear them before...
  15. Boobee

    Minor complaints thread

    Those exhaust pipes are aftermarket and are illegal, but the only way it seems to be policed is by the NCT. The wankers just fit the standard exhaust before the NCT and then refit the aftermarket exhaust. I lived in a small rural coastal town from in the 00's and every prick had one on their...
  16. Boobee

    Minor Pleasures

    Front and back please
  17. Boobee

    What song is stuck in your head/makes you irrationally angry?

    Yea, maybe? The last time I remember hearing it was a couple of weeks ago when BBC4 was showing old Glastonbury sets. Just popped into my head in the shower this morning and I even remember thinking that it was a random song to just enter my head.
  18. Boobee

    What song is stuck in your head/makes you irrationally angry?

    Weird, this song was stuck in my head earlier this morning and now that I've just been reminded of it its stuck in there again
  19. Boobee

    What song is stuck in your head/makes you irrationally angry?

    Kill. Me. Now.
  20. Boobee

    Minor complaints thread

    I second piriton for sleep troubles