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  1. Nate Champion


    ...playing a heap of shows in February and March in the U.S next year. Primavera Sound hopefully that means they'll be looking for other shows in Europe around then.
  2. Nate Champion

    Comprehensive list of gigs, band, venues, collectives in Northern Ireland [Belfast and beyond]

    What's the skinny with Northern Ireland in terms of scenes and gigs? I know nothing about what's going on up there. I was talking to a lad from Liverpool in Leeds and he said he played a show in a tower in Antrim owned by Bill Drummond... So, that's sort of thing, and whatever sort of D.I.Y...
  3. Nate Champion

    Mingus and Parker Fuck for Breakfast - The late 80s to mid 90s Amphetamine Reptile and Skingraft Noiserock Thread

    Prompted by some bloke from Sightings putting up this insane live snippet of Minneapolis noiserock legends Cows: Is there a comprehensive thread for noise rock from the late 80s or early 90s already? Here's more Cows: Quintessential noise rock menace right there. Their bassist Kevin...
  4. Nate Champion

    Buying stuff from the UK - records, cds, t-shirts etc - your experience of VAT and sneaky fees post-Brexit

    I suspect this has been mentioned in a few places already. Juno Records in the UK have something I'm keen to buy. They claim to pay the VAT [import TAX]... anyone bought from them since? Or Boomkat, Norman etc since Brexit hit? HHV in Germany seems to be goosed given the packaging dilemma...
  5. Nate Champion

    Kirkos 10th Anniversary at Unit 44, Prussia St. Thursday July 28th to Sunday July 31st

    Just got wind of this happening this weekend. Only found out about Unit 44 recently enough. It's some old barbershop that's been turned into an artspace. May appeal to a few heads here. All events are free, I believe.... Great to have something like this space in the city. Good on 'em...
  6. Nate Champion

    Bands Who Haven't Played Here But Want to Play Here - Networking, Advice, Etc

    So, i was talking to Sean Meadows from June of 44 at Supersonic the other week, and he told me, "we would love to play Dublin. Absolutely" and he was curious about who he would get in touch with to make that happen. Also Old Man Gloom who absolutely slayed at the same festival... Af The...
  7. Nate Champion

    Shut the fuck up, and listen to this

    New thread for posting stuff you've just cottoned on to, and may twig a head or two. 'John Coltrane Stereo Blues' by the Dream Syndicate. Clean and nasty.
  8. Nate Champion

    2022 Tunes, not albums, Thread

    Nicfit from Nagoya, Japan. Heard this on Steve Lamacq today... album due out next week on Upset the Rhythm... Interestingly had a split release with the mighty Pinprick Punishment [Dude now stage terrorizes in My Society Pissed keeping the wiggly semi-naked Iggy vibes going] back in the day...
  9. Nate Champion

    Live hardcore punk in London - any advice on venues, promoters etc?

    Come here, I'm heading to London for a few days at the end of the month... Anyone know of any promoters/venues that might be putting on hardcore, metal, metalcore, noise whatever? Cheers.
  10. Nate Champion

    UK Garage, My Arse! @Lili Marlene and all my Thumped buddies.
  11. Nate Champion

    Euro Fantasy Football

    I set up a few fantasy leagues for the Euros. I have a spare one provisionally called Jim Beglin's Bar Tab that can be used for folks on here. Let me know. Only six hours or so to get your research done and your team picked! I hadn't a brown clue who to pick. Ended up with 20 mill spare out...
  12. Nate Champion

    Calibrating WD external hard-drive [with recovered data from broken Mac] with the fixed Mac

    Right, so my Mac crashed a while ago, eh, right after I bought this Western Digital TB passport [external hard-drive]. So, the Mac was fixed, but yer man who fixed it had to recover the "lost" data. When he had recovered the data from my broken Mac, I gave him the new WD to put it on. Right. So...
  13. Nate Champion

    CDs for Sale or Trade as Requested by Trev in Another Thread

    'The Sign of Four' - Derek Bailey, Pat Metheny, Gregg Bendian & Paul Wertico. 'The Four Arms' - Flower-Corsano Duo. 'Cavalcade' - The Lonesome Organist. 'Who Put Out the Fire?' - The Monorchid 'Goodly Time' - Position Normal. Nine Types of Light' - TV on the Radio. 'Nevertheless Optimistic' -...
  14. Nate Champion

    Replacement stylus for Shure's M4-77

    So, I need to replace my Shure M4-77 stylus, but the original product was discontinued in 2018 by Shure. I watched this video where the guy is raving about this Japanese brand Jico. He disparages a range of M4-77 replacement stylii in the video, but he doesn't say what those "rubbish" brands...
  15. Nate Champion

    VCR player[s] Wanted

    I'm looking to stockpile working VHS players. No preferred brands. Just as long as it's working Will offer cash, or possible trade for records/cds/books. Might be a bit of a long shot, being 2020, but you never know what people have knocking about that they don't need or use.
  16. Nate Champion

    Cortège for Rosenbloom - a new radio show I'm doing from my apartment into a tiny fart of an Apple Mac mic.

    ...thus, anything really is possible. I'm starting to do a new two hour radio show, eh, mostly from my apartment. The concept is simple: to play a mix of experimental, marginalised or alternative music, but not alternative in the sense of 'Razorblade Suitcase' by Bush, with a no-holds barred...
  17. Nate Champion

    Vinyl for sale... maybe a few cds.

    Put some vinyl up for sale. All in v. good knick, some in great knick. Just stuff I have no interest. I'm in Ireland until roughly the end of February, so pm or message me below if you have any interest: 'The Dance of the Headless Bourgeois' 2xLP - No Means No [15 eu] 'All Roads Lead to...
  18. Nate Champion


    This band are like an unholy cross between Big Black, GvsB, Jawbox and Bitch Magnet bam, what the fuck was going on in those post-Husker years? What were the feeding the students in the water?
  19. Nate Champion

    New Enablers album

    New album is a stunner. Doug Scharin has left the picture. This is some of the best Enablers stuff I've heard. It's not all great, but when it's good it's very good. Just seen they've been tipping around the UK, but have passed already. Did they ever recover that stolen guitar from the Grand...
  20. Nate Champion

    Vinyl for sale, some cds. Potential trade/swap also

    asahawks / Collection Trying to off-load some vinyl and cds to a lesser extent. hopefully the above link works. Cds can go for 3 or 4eu. Not too bothered, don't expect much interest in them. Most full albums are going for 10eu. Some can go for 5eu or maybe even less. Except for...