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  1. P. Littbarski

    Randy Described Eternity

    "I stayed up late and did a lot of math, and this is what I came up with; it would take 386 trillion trillion years to wear down a metal sphere (I used aluminum for the equation) ten times the size of Jupiter, to the size of a pea, hitting it once every thousand years with a swipe of a...
  2. P. Littbarski

    Earphones advice

    Hi...I'm looking for some advice on an imminent earphones purchase. I'm a headphone man, but need something better for travelling etc. I have been looking around for a decent pair and could pick up one of the following : Shure E115 for €69 Denon AH C551 for €69 Sennheiser CX400 II for €40...
  3. P. Littbarski

    The Cuauhtemiña

    If I had to choose a football special power this would be it ! It's simultaneously the best and the worst football trick I have ever seen It's the brainchild of Cuauhtémoc Blanco In the trick, when two or more opposition players are trying to take the ball from him, he traps the ball between...
  4. P. Littbarski

    looking for Big Black Heartbeat e.p

    would anyone have this in mp3/digital format ? it was a 7" when originally released....
  5. P. Littbarski

    Japancakes cover MBV

    I kinda like it...its very mellow
  6. P. Littbarski


    I love youtube !
  7. P. Littbarski

    Where can I get Andreas Gursky prints/posters ?

    not the originals obviously can't seem to find anywhere online where I can get them. any shops in dublin that sell them ?
  8. P. Littbarski

    Studying through Oscail

    Has anyone done this ? I have just completed the diploma in psychology with DBS am considering going for the B.A with Oscail as it's better suited to self-paced study. any info. appreciated. cheers
  9. P. Littbarski

    Maldini to play on for Milan

    Milan hero Paolo Maldini has confirmed he will play on for another year in a bid to reach a record ninth European Cup final. total legend...hope he plays in athens.
  10. P. Littbarski

    emusic subscription

    does anyone have an emusic subscription ? i'm thinking of signing up to this. whats their catalogue like...are you happy with the service etc..
  11. P. Littbarski

    It is the 31st Century...

    Ulysses 31 Battle of the Planets and my personal favourite (don't think they showed this on irish or english tv) ...Captain Future...
  12. P. Littbarski

    the idiots sticker in ranelagh

    there used to be a street sign by at the end of ranelagh, just by the bus stop before the 48a turned onto the milltown road, which had an idiots sticker on it...used to see it from the top of the bus is it still there ?
  13. P. Littbarski

    28 Weeks Later

    28 days later rocked...hope this is just as good.
  14. P. Littbarski

    Les Clayppool wrote a book

    and it's called South of the Pumphouse anyone read this ?
  15. P. Littbarski

    Vatican stars kick off priestly world cup

    The priestly scholars will be expected to apply the usual levels of soccer fair play, but, for those who don't, a Catholic level of forgiveness may be allowed.
  16. P. Littbarski

    Overtime and on-call

    does anyobody have any idea what the irish labour laws are regarding the amount of consecutive on-call hours one can legally do are ? is it deemed kosher to be on call for more than 48 hours ? Are there any guidelines on minimum compensation (days in lieu etc,) ? If anybody has any idea or...
  17. P. Littbarski

    gift grub

    i think everyone needs a bit of cheering up this morning
  18. P. Littbarski

    Magath out...Hitzfeld in

    Bayern reappoint Hitzfeld after sacking Magath BERLIN, Jan 31 (Reuters) - Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich sacked coach Felix Magath and replaced him with former boss Ottmar Hitzfeld in a shock move on Wednesday. was...
  19. P. Littbarski

    places to stay in barcelona

    can you recommend any nice hostels over there (i'm taking my wifes two younger brothers over for a barca game) or failing that any decent hotels. more interested in good quality/location rather than price (within reason like) cheers
  20. P. Littbarski

    ...played in all the top four European leagues.

    some more footy trivia for you...there is a similar question to this one (ie. who won titles in 4 european leagues or something) but i forget what it was... MADRID, Jan 24 (Reuters) - Denmark striker Jon Dahl Tomasson will join Villarreal on loan from VfB Stuttgart until the end of the season...