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  1. evil bandit

    Sergio Ramos Shows His Amazing Close Control

    What a clown !!! His only excuse can be if he was as drunk as Stuart McCall in his legendary celebration clip.....
  2. evil bandit

    Mario Balotelli Thread

    The man is bat shit crazy and deserves a thread of his own to rival the Stephen Ireland thread. He used to wear an AC Milan top when he played for Inter, he sulks when being taken off, claims he's better then Messi, he slept with some big brother bird a week after landing in Manchester then...
  3. evil bandit

    Charlie Sheen

    Fucking hell I knew was in a bad way from the bits and pieces I'd read online about him but this is the coked fueled rant of a mad man I fear Charlie may not be long for this world :( More of his mania here...
  4. evil bandit

    What's Wrong With Being Sexy ?? Sky Sports presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys were at the centre of a sexism row last night after they questioned whether a female...
  5. evil bandit

    It's All Kicking Off In Genoa

    While listening to the Ireland game I happened across this Gabrielle Marcotti reporting at the Italy v Serbia game. Quote: # # Crazy scenes in Genoa right now, Italy v Serbia friendly. Kickoff delayed, few hundred nasty hooligans among Serbs, cops all over pitch...
  6. evil bandit

    "Arthur's Day" Gigs

    Does anyone know if it's possible to find out who is playing where for the series of Guinness sponsored gigs this September??? The Guinness website only lists the bands and not the venues. Carbon / Silcon are playing but I can't find out where and I'm fucked if I'm gonna buy a ticket to a venue...
  7. evil bandit

    The Most Blatent Penalty Of All Time ???? Chortle :D
  8. evil bandit

    Great New Penalty Technique I'm suprised that nobody has tried this before although I recon I'd snap my leg if I tried it !!
  9. evil bandit

    Schteve McClaren

    Fair play to McClaren, he's won the Dutch title with Twente over the weekend and is now being linked with a possible move to Wolfsburg but even mor eimpressive is his accent which moves from "how you say Dutch" to his native mother tongue of English It first was noticed here when they drew...
  10. evil bandit

    Unbelievable Jeff !!!

    Some quality pitchside reporting from Chris Kamara on Soccer Saturday this afternoon
  11. evil bandit

    Robbie Savage "Fury" At Local Radio Journalists I recon he'd go into the press room and take a wicked shit in their toilet before the conference started as well.
  12. evil bandit

    Dozens Of Men Queue To Shake Convicted Rapist's Hand. I heard the priest on Newstalk this morning, saying that he had no remorse in shaking his hand and that it was a miscarriage of justice???? When the presenter asked him about the victim sitting there and seeing...
  13. evil bandit

    Obese Air Passenger In Economy Class Atricle 018/ ml How would they get the trolley by??? I guess if the flight was sold out he had no choice but to sit half on / half off.
  14. evil bandit

    The Perils Of Getting The Underground Home When Drunk

    The video loads on the website after a quick ad. Fair play to the wacky waving arm people for stopping the train, I first thought the old boy nearest to her could've jumped down to grab her but I'm farily certain I would've just looked on in...
  15. evil bandit

    Cage Fighting Trannies A pair of yobs made the mistake of attacking two apparent transvestites on a night out, only to discover that their supposed victims were cage fighters.
  16. evil bandit

    Nick Love and Danny Dyer DVD Commentary

    Outlaw gets compared to Dirty Harry, Scum, Taxi Driver as apparently Taxi Driver "got cunted when it came out first" and also will be regarded as one of the most important films of all time !!!!! Geezer alert and very NWS language
  17. evil bandit

    Dunphy and Giles on Off The Ball

    If anyone missed Off The Ball last night, they were doing a roadshow from the Odeon Bar on Harcourt Street and did an interview with Dunphy and Giles. Some parts are pretty funny and others are interesting, I never knew that they'd...
  18. evil bandit

    The New Getafe Kit An odd choice of sponsor for a sporting team you may say but not too strange in this logo friendly day and age but look at what happens should you decide to celebrate by pulling the shirt over your head.....
  19. evil bandit

    Players Survives Heart Attack Mid Game.

    The player has a heart problem and has an internal defibrillator that kicks in once his heart stops for a certain period of time. YouTube - Football player gets heart attack but survives!
  20. evil bandit

    RIP David Carradine Kill Bill and Kung Fu star David Carradine has been found dead in a Bangkok hotel room. Thai police told the BBC the 72-year-old was found by a hotel maid sitting in a wardrobe with a rope around his neck and body on Thursday morning. The...