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  1. Aiona

    Self-improvement, philosophy, self-help etc

    Yup. I identify as female. LOL! And yes. It was a very eye-opening book. You can "Read Sample" on Amazon. I know it's not for everyone. One of my girlfriends didn't like the book. She is still dating losers. (and actually we're not friends anymore.... her life has taken a very different...
  2. Aiona

    Self-improvement, philosophy, self-help etc

    When I was having a lot of really bad relationships, a good friend (now deceased) recommended _Nice Guys Don't Get Laid_ by Marcus P. Meleton. I really enjoyed it. I don't know how good it is as a self-help book, but after I took the lessons to heart, I finally stopped dating losers. Married for...
  3. Aiona

    Sinead O'Connor..take a fucking bow.

    I'm dealing with the aftermath of a narcissistic parent dying, so I completely understand what you're saying. The problem is... I've come to understand no one else understands unless they've lived it too. And we get shouted down by the flying monkeys. I understand. Many do. But we are silent...