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    fucking nuns

    everything that has come out reminds me of the comment that the day the NRA won was the day of the sandy hook massacre. because if that doesn't act as a catalyst for change, nothing is going to.
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    Offered canoscan 9900f flatbed scanner

    flatbed scanner with transparency capability (i.e. can scan negs). i can make no guarantees this will work with a windows OS later than Win7. gives reasonable results, but the standard canon software it came with was shit; best off getting something like vuescan or silverfast, which makes a...
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    sheet music online

    so we rescued my wife's piano from her folks place, but we're now looking for sheet music which we could display on the tablet while she's playing. are there any decent sites with free sheet music? the closest i've found so far is, but a lot of the PDFs are available only after paying...
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    this guy has my vote - the leaflet arrived in our postbox today. “May 23 Declaration of War” leaflet from Tom Darcy -Direct Democracy Ireland -2014 European Elections- Dublin | Irish Election Literature he looks a bit like a low rent dracula. and his anti-bank campaign stems from him owing...
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    Offered Mistubishi 19" CRT monitor

    I have a 19" Mitsubishi CRT - it's a DiamondPro 930 SB, which has been sitting in storage for ages. I've just plugged it in for the first time in about five years, and it works, with a caveat that you sometimes have to hit the power button twice to switch it on. i can deliver if you're...
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    roland A500 midi keyboard

    more an advice than a for sale thread (as yet); how much would i reasonably expect for this? paid (i think) €170 for it (reduced from €200) in x music maybe 18 months or two years ago. barely used, in original box. A-500S :: Products :: Roland
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    Tour De France 2013 thread

    just trying to drag you guys into the modern decade.
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    mongrel city fundit

    thought this would be worth mentioning here - carol keogh and the city father's fundit campaign for 'mongrel city'. i've been to a couple of gigs featuring some of the tracks, and the music is damn good. will let colin...
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    this prostitution campaign are there any other activities which are perfectly OK when they're non-commercial but become a crime when they become commercial? and is more criminalisation the way to tackle the...
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    guitar maintenance

    herself has a les paul special, which is probably at least ten years old, and while i was reading the crimson guitars diary, i was reading about the need to oil the fretboard. anywhere in dublin sell the oils you'd need? also, is there an easy way of telling how old a gibson is? the laquer on...
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    this is good.

    your life needs more of it. petrichor by colin morris. some say.. he can remember the future.
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    this beggars belief then...,144.html a company with bertie ahern as its chair, who have a declared interest in buying...
  13. M hacked

    check out the front page.
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    shit hits renault right in the fan belt

    Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds quit Renault over Singapore crash furore Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds have stepped down from their posts after Renault decided not to dispute allegations that the team ordered former driver Nelson Piquet Junior to crash deliberately at last year's Singapore...
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    felipe massa in a bit of a bad way - he fractured his skull, bit of a freak accident.
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    recommendations? genius by james gleick (about richard feynman) american prometheus by kai bird and martin sherwin (about robert oppenheimer) albert speer: his battle with truth by gitta sereny. the latter is one of the best books i have read.
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    dom deluise = brown bread
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    ill advised ad campaigns

    can someone photoshop this photo: so that it says '4 home'? if he's dead, he won't mind advertising a minor DIY chain.
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    great unanswered questions of our time

    'is a dream a lie if it don't come true, or is it something worse?' i think it's very unfair of bruce to leave his fans waiting so long for the answer to this one.
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    urgent DSPCA appeal