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  1. shitepipe

    Just A Blip

    So I’ve been doing a monthly show on Dublin Digital Radio for a while now and figured some folk here might dig the sounds contained therein. Mainly electronic sounds, but its a fairly mixed bag (all deadly of course). Here’s the latest show- tracklist is below… Visible Cloaks, Yosio Ojima &...
  2. shitepipe

    Offered Drawing Racks

    So it's a fairly particular item- but we have a bunch of A0 drawing racks that are about to be ditched and thought someone here might have a home for one/some? Will be gone by the end of the week (2nd June). This kinda thing:
  3. shitepipe

    Cheltenham 2012

    The blood's up!! What have y'all got in mind for this years festival? Any tips, naps, crocks etc? Am lucky enough to be going to the Friday this year for the Gold Cup- can't bleedin wait. Anyways- FWIW here's my yankee for today: 13.30 Galileo's Choice 14.05 Al Ferof 15.20 Hurrican Fly 16.00...
  4. shitepipe


    Like Wu-Tang? Like Fugazi? Love Wugazi: Deadliness:
  5. shitepipe

    King of Limbs

    New Radiohead album innit
  6. shitepipe


    Should be interesting: 250 quid for the collectors edition set. ridiculous, but, hmmm... tempting if its anywhere near as well done as the warp20 set.
  7. shitepipe

    Record bag stolen- what next?

    So, I had a bag of about 60 records stolen in Dame Lane last Saturday night, at the back entrance of Le Cirk/Stags Head. Mainly disco/funk stuff, all pretty hard to replace. Have reported it to the cops at Pearse Street. Whats the best thing to do now? Get in touch with the second hand shops? I...
  8. shitepipe

    Pocket Turntable

    Cool idea but I can imagine the sound is pretty shitty:
  9. shitepipe


    Anyone checked out this guy? Funny bastard. Havent been on the site in a while but he has plenty of new-ish videos up. this one is freaky as fuck:
  10. shitepipe

    Richie Hawtin- you are dead to me

    In fairness, it's been a while since he's done much of note, but this is fucking too much:
  11. shitepipe

    World's Most Expensive Record?

  12. shitepipe

    atp Nightmare Before Christmas curated by My Bloody Valentine

  13. shitepipe

    Reclaim the High Streets

    This sounds like a great idea. The downfall of chainstores will hopefully become the catalysts for local initiatives.
  14. shitepipe


    Finally got my hands on the Nah Und Fern boxset from last year. And fuck me its amazing. 5 hours of the most incredible immersive ambient/classical/techno landscapes. Beautifully packaged as well. You can really identify the influence on the whole kompakt scene but this really belongs on a...
  15. shitepipe

    Paul Newman - RIP

  16. shitepipe

    Steve McLaren learns dutch

    Or... well... at least he learned how to speak english like a dutch person...
  17. shitepipe

    Online Photoshop

    new online photo storage/editing site: 2 gig storage, basic editing, works off flash 9. looks handy. article here
  18. shitepipe

    Double Room to let

    here's the blurb: Very large room to let in large Victorian house on Emorville Ave, just off South Circular Road in Dublin 8. The double room is ideal for a couple or 2 sharing. The house has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, & kitchen opening onto large back yard with timber deck...
  19. shitepipe

    top premiership spenders

    jesus christ. newcastle really are a sack of shit. NET Spending by the PL Top 5 since Jan 1992 Net Spend 1992/93 to 2007/2008 Seasons Total Net Average Per Year Chelsea £341,670,000 £22,778,000 Liverpool £178,810,000 £11,920,667...
  20. shitepipe


    how? why? hunh? are all questions that spring to mind looking at this guys stuff: (p6m) tiling, backlit on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Pinwheel tessellation, version 2, reverse, backlit on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Aztec Twist, backlit on Flickr...