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    Hey Dudes & Dudettes

    Long time no post! I'm just back from a stint in Isreal, keeping it kosher, and i log on here to discover there has been transpirings in my absence! Oi Va'avoi Li! Everything looks weird and all the reputation points are gone (a good thing). So, what else is new?
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    new morrissey album

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    myspace losers

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    animated gif thread

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    great books of our time

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    A guy brings his bulldog to the vet. "hes going cockeyed doc, whats the crack?" the vet picks up the dog, stares into the dogs eyes, thebn turns to the man and says "i'm sorry, i'm going to have to put your dog down" "why, because hes going cock-eyed?" "no, because he's quite heavy"...
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    grand anal

    i love going for walks there, its just so alming.
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    Happy Birthday Jamie!! (Swingkid)

    Well done!
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    Prefab Sprout are shite!

    Whiney, wimpy, nerdy, pop songs. Big deal. We hear this every day. Matchbox 21 or whatever their name is sounds like this, and they suck! Like the one guy wrote, it's Bryan Adams limey style. A few good songs, but no big deal. Have you people never listened to Miles Davis and Gil Evans? Mozart...
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    third date

    Last night was my third date with the Latex Lizzie. I had the day off and spent it cleaning the house. Once Neighbours was over, I headed out to pick up my bicycle that I had left at the bike shop on Saturday. It was looking beautiful, clean and the ‘clicking’ that was coming from the axle was...
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    FBI document reveals extensive monitoring of a whole bunch of organizations

    An FBI document, released on August 29 by the ACLU, shows extensive monitoring of a whole bunch of organizations, ranging from the Aryan World Church and the Christian Identity movement to animal rights groups, an anti-war collective, and a leading pro-affirmative action coalition. The...