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    ExpoNere! Music

    Genuinely didn't realise that......Apologies.
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    ExpoNere! Music PLEASE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. For too long unsigned Irish acts have become lost in the forever dying Irish music scene. Our aim is to give ALL unsigned Irish acts a chance to move forward, expose themselves and revive all aspects of...
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    On/Off :

    Used to watch you guys playing those blast/beat gigs years ago... Have to say, A LOT better now. Definitely. Fair fucks to ye for sticking it out anyway. That's worthy of a lot of appreciation. Hope things work out for ye.
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    Best Unsigned Irish Band of 2010??

    Have to say O Emporer get this one for me.....great band. Last days of Death Country wouldn't be too far off...
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    Hey man. How are you? We're a band in Co.Clare that have been looking to do a few gig swaps wherever we can. We've Played with the likes of Aslan, Republic Of Loose, The Stunning, Delorentos and O Emporer in the last year or so, and have been gigging otherwise for close to 6 years now. The gigs...
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    Marshall Mg250dfx, Kerry King V, Marley wah pedal, Zoom multi effects, Sx Acoustic.

    All these items Listed for sale. Just want to get rid of them as i no longer play music. Marshall Mg250dfx is in PERFECT CONDITION. Am taking offers for that. Was baught for 400euro. Kerry King V has a few chips on the paint work but is in PERFECT working order. Will let that go for 50...
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    Bassist wanted for very popular original 5 piece band In Clare/Limerick area..

    We recently supported Aslan, The Stunning, Delorentos, and will be supporting Republic Of loose and O Emporer in the next month. Releasing our Debut EP in jan/feb 2011 and looking for a bassist to gig with us, possibly even record with us. We're all in college, so wouldn't be FULLTIME, but...