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  1. ernesto

    New Canon DSLR?

    Looking to get back into photography and I’ve no idea about which models do what. If I’m looking for a DSLR (already have a few bits - my last Canon DSLR died a few years ago) but I would like the following: Flipable viewfinder 60fps 4K video ability (well 30fps or 1080p would probably suffice...
  2. ernesto

    Ticket Swap All Together Now tickets

    Bought two standard camping tickets for All Together Now. Turns out I’m On-Call for work that entire week and it’s unswappable. Looking for a direct swap for 2 tickets for Another Love Story. Cheers
  3. ernesto

    STRIKE ACTION, Disco Participation Matrix & Amber Man

    3 bands in The Thomas House 8pm FIVE Euro Strike Action Disco Participation Matrix Amber Man facebook event link thing
  4. ernesto

    Accommodation Wanted Wanted: Double Room to rent

    Just throwing it out there. My Girlfriend has just moved to Dublin and is looking for a place to live if anyone happens to hear of anywhere. cheers. Ern
  5. ernesto

    Wanted Wanted:

    Decent 1x12" 8ohm guitar speaker in/with cab
  6. ernesto

    For Sale Kramer DMZ4000 Bass Guitar (Aluminium Neck)

    hello y'all, putting this on here a few days before i throw it up on elsewhere online with a slightly increased price. had this almost a year. bought it from some lad in Belgium, just preferring the sound of my jazz bass over this 'p-style' bass. aluminium neck with wooden inserts. lovely...
  7. ernesto

    Tickets For Sale FS: 2 x Shellac tickets

    I has two tickets for sale for the Shellac gig on the 30th of September in the Tivoli Theatre. €25 each.
  8. ernesto

    Bluetooth Headphones

    Thinking of getting a pair for Christmas. I'll probably want: over ear Optional 3.5mm wired jack Good battery life. Lightweight / comfortable Not retarded looking Anybody any experience / recommendations ?
  9. ernesto

    Tickets Wanted Wanted: 2 X Super Furry Animals tix

    Wanted: 2 super furry animals Standing tickets at face value. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. ernesto

    Tickets Wanted Wanted: 2 X Death Grips tix

    Will pay face value for them - gig in the academy on 13/10/16 Sound Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. ernesto

    Wanted: Unlnown Mortal Orchestra ticket

    For this Saturday (26th) in Whelans I think it is. Cash monies waiting
  12. ernesto

    Boss FBM-1 Fender Bassman Effects Pedal

    Pre-amp pedal. no box. works well for both guitar & bass. in great condition €50 for thumpeders
  13. ernesto

    Wanted: 3 x AC/DC tickets.

    Will play face value Cheers
  14. ernesto

    €50 for a music-y present, suggestions?

    For an Xmas gift for someone who's into recording foley , sound effects etc. Any and all suggestions welcome. Cheers!
  15. ernesto

    Why can't I redownload an album I bought?

    Certain record companies websites/bandcamp pages not letting me redownload albums I've bought before online. Single use only email link? As if people never lose music. Fuck sake
  16. ernesto

    For sale: Fenix Telecaster by Young Chang

    Fenix Telecaster By Young Chang For Sale in Rathmines, Dublin from pErnesto Discount for Thumped heads
  17. ernesto

    For sale: boss sd-1

    Boss Sd 1 Pedal For Sale in Lucan, Dublin from pErnesto €35 for thumped heads The battery clip was damaged so I made off a new one, cables joined nearly in insulated 'jelly connectors'. good as new.
  18. ernesto

    Wanted: expression pedal

    That's not shit, huge or over priced Thanks
  19. ernesto

    Boss pedals for sale:

    DD-3 Boss Dd 3 For Sale in Dublin 2, Dublin from pErnesto RC-2 Boss Rc 2 Loop Pedal For Sale in Letterkenny, Donegal from pErnesto 10% discount for thumpeders!