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  1. snakybus

    More Lie Ins shite

    Hey, so if whippersnappers like Stoat can put out a single, so can we. Have a goo.
  2. snakybus

    Popical Saturday 2015

    calling all pricks, Popical Saturday is on this weekend, December 19th. Come along! A tenner gets you a pass for the day from 3 till midnight. Loads of great some good tunes to be spun by Bobby throughout the day, with new releases by Land Lovers, Lie Ins, Walpurgis Family, Ginnels...
  3. snakybus

    Some Lie Ins gigs coming up

    Lie Ins is myself and Ruan, formerly out of Groom, and now Mark from Ginnels who's just joined on bass. We've some gigs coming up in the next few weeks with some new tunes so 'twould be deadly to see y'all along. This Friday Sep 18 at Whelan's midnight show we're playing with handsome devils...
  4. snakybus

    Your work situation

    What do you think of it? I've been working for myself for a year now, from home. Pros: not having to go to meetings, no commute time, working away on one thing without being disturbed/diverted, and the main thing: seeing the family a lot more Cons: whole days where I don't go outside; lack of...
  5. snakybus

    Groom say good bye

    I'm sorry to announce that Groom are to break up! We're going to play a penultimate gig at the kid-friendly Popical Island 5th Birthday all-dayer, which is on this coming Saturday and features loads of deadly bands (see link below). So, for folks with kids, if you plan to go to that we're on...
  6. snakybus

    Groom, The Run Ons,Crane Lane, Cork

    This Wednesday night, Nov 5, 11.30-2.00 AM. Free in.
  7. snakybus

    Couple of Groom gigs coming up

    Donegal pricks, we're playing the Revelry in Letterkenny this Friday Aug 29, should be fun! this is a monthly gig in the Voodoo Vintage Rooms and at €5 admission is cheap as chips. Here's a facebook event set up for it: Then on September 13 we're playing Retro Revival in Sweeney's with The...
  8. snakybus

    [Aug 9, 2014] Groom, Ginnels, Switzerland upstairs in Whelan's (Dublin)

    Groom launch Bread and Jam! GROOM GINNELS SWITZERLAND (first gig!) Whelan's Wexford Street Saturday 9th August // 8:00pm GROOM: launching 'Bread and Jam', a rock n' roll record about Ireland.
  9. snakybus

    Couple of Groom gigs coming up

    Hey, so we've a couple of Groom gigs coming up this week. We've a new album coming out in the summer so these are the first we've had in a few months, what with babies and popical business and whatnot. Thurs May 22, Grand Social We're playing a fundraiser for my kids' school, Griffith Barracks...
  10. snakybus


    This post: made me think... I can understand this to an extent. Someone being late can be very rude and I'd even go so far as to say it can be exercised as a way controlling you - as in, keeping you waiting to sort of keep you in your place. But I dunno, I also I think punctuality for its...
  11. snakybus

    [Mar 15, 2014] POPICAL ISLAND presents: Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures, and... (Dublin)

    POPICAL ISLAND presents Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures Freschard & more TBA Whelans Upstairs - Saturday March 15th €10 // 8pm BUY TICKETS HERE: Check out the insanely catchy new single Orange Juice here...
  12. snakybus

    Dublin accomodation

    Help me Thumped. Just wondering if anyone in Dublin would interested in letting out their house/apartment for one night over Paddy's weekend in March to a band on tour. Or even has a room available. PM me please. Or if anyone has leads on budget accommodation, that'd also be great.
  13. snakybus

    The Powers launch Whelan's 12/10/13 2 pm

    ..featuring music from Groom Land Lovers I guess the parenting forum is the best place to put this. Parents want their kids to read, yeah? The gig is going to be a joint gig and book launch. Little Island Publishers are launching a book, called The Powers, written by Kevin Stevens (he's...
  14. snakybus

    Groom, The Run Ons, Skelocrats, Anseo June 7

    Groom The Run Ons Skelocrats Anseo Friday, June 7th, 8.30 PM Admission: 5 euros Groom Groom is a pop band from Dublin whose members are Mike, Wil, Jeroen and Ruan. They have released three albums to date: ‘All This Happened, More Or Less’ (2006, Fairview House), ‘At The Natural History...
  15. snakybus

    Lie Ins plus guests at Bewley's Cafe Theatre May 17

    Lie Ins Jonny Fun and the...Hesitations Big Monster Love Bewley's Cafe Theatre Friday, May 17th Doors 8:30 PM Admission: 5 euros ++++ About Lie Ins We're putting on this gig so bear in mind, anything we say here is nothing less than self-promotion, so really, can you believe it? That caveat...
  16. snakybus

    Cheap guitar strings

    any links?
  17. snakybus

    Commercial rates on a practice space

    The landlord is trying to hit us for commercial rates on our jam space. Never heard of this kind of thing before. It has been a commercial space in the past but obviously not now. Any experience of this kind of thing? Does he have a leg to stand on?
  18. snakybus

    Putting your music "career history" on LinkedIn

    Part of me thinks why not? Part of me thinks it's fucked, and the internet version of the last step towards the death of your soul. What do you all think? Weirdly, if I were a career artist like a painter or something who made his living from it, I'd be fine with it. Maybe I should refrain...
  19. snakybus

    Settler's Life Upstream is 10 years old today

    Hey all at Thumped. In short, Wil (@ wilbert), Tim (@ Neosupervital), Derek (@ Rumpus), Fiona and I used to be in a band called Settler, who some of you will remember. Our debut (and some would say our best) album was released 10 years ago today. Really hard to believe it's ten years ago. But...
  20. snakybus

    Lie Ins///The Low Men///debut album out Feb 2

    Hey I'm not sure if people bypass the News section generally but anyway, Pete has been kind enough to exclusively feature a new song from Lie Ins that'll be on the debut record to be launched in Anseo on Feb 2. Instead of blathering on about it I'll just redirect you to that thread via the magic...