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  1. dudley

    Purple Jews - A tribute night for David Berman - Sound House, Oct 17

    All my favourite singers couldn't sing. David Berman, pavement hero of the Silver Jews and the comeback king of Purple Mountains, passed on August 7. He left behind a corduroy suit made of a hundred gutters, jagged skylines of car keys, 50,000 beer cans and a wild kindness. Paying tribute are...
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    Anyone know anything about this lot? Pretty fun, and the only thing that really stood out in that Paste magazine article today. Widdles all over the...
  3. dudley

    Secret RIDE show tomorrow night

  4. dudley

    Kazu from Blonde Redhead in solo shocker

    and featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto no less, this is only deadly
  5. dudley

    Low live concert video

    Really great film of a show on the recent Double Negative tour
  6. dudley

    Wanted Computer speakers

    Anyone got any old semi decent computer speakers they don't want? Put together a PC for the father in law, and the speakers are terrible. One of ye might have a set gathering dust
  7. dudley

    Anal Trump

    100 songs in 11 minutes from Anal Trump. ... 0wFvWmEiz8 Regular old fancy vinyl versions available or a single edition of 100 1" records, for $10,000. Every cent being donated to things Trump would hate like Planned Parenthood.
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    Neko Case tonight

    Got a poorly chisler, so can't make this tonight in Vicar St. Great seats, third row, bang in the middle. Face value! G'wan
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    Dublin Marathon

    Hey hey. My own better half is running the Dublin marathon and doing to so raise some cash for Temple St, and her work will match whatever she raises, which is great. If you have a shekel to spare, deploy it here Please Support Barbara Hughes - Dublin City Marathon for Temple Street Children's...
  10. dudley

    New Music seabeasts

    Me new band, featuring @mark , Gav Fox and Keithamanakick. First gig in Dolan's on June 9 as part of the OOAL party!
  11. dudley

    Click Clack - IWD2018 special

    A day late, but tune into Click Clack now on @rte2xm for an #IWD2018 special. Awesome bands, producers, solo artists. Stream it at or on your DAB radio, or UPC 944 or via your toaster, I don't know how you're going to do it, just DO IT!
  12. dudley

    Hot Snakes are back, baby

  13. dudley

    Minor Morrises

  14. dudley

    Oh my god....

    @jane on twitter just retweeted a tweet that has upended my world....
  15. dudley

    Lunch time radio rockin'

    I'm always forgetting to post when this on, but me radio show on 2XM is now 2 hours on a Friday lunchtime. Tune in here, if you so desire: RTÉ Radio Player: Radio Just Got Easier
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    Middle aged pleasures

    Researching mulch
  17. dudley

    Drive Like Jehu - Yank Crime (1994)

    Title: Yank Crime Artist: Drive Like Jehu Genre: ... Release date: 1994 Tracks: 1 - Here Come the Rome Plows - 5:43 2 - Do You Compute - 7:12 3 - Golden Brown - 3:14 4 - Luau - 9:27 5 - Super Unison - 7:24 6 - New Intro - 3:32 7 - New Math - 4:05 8 - Human Interest - 3:24 9 -...
  18. dudley

    Nutella rules?

    or is for fools?
  19. dudley

    Anal Trump - Free LP

    My word. Listen with the lyrics on screen
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    Do me a favour

    Sign the petition to help get my kids school built!! Educate Ridiculously Close Together Petition Parents: To build a new school for Ballinteer Educate Together National School