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    NOISE - New Bored Bear Recordings: Where is This / AxemRangers / fire island, AK

    Dublin-based noise label. Three new releases for you, featuring two Americans and one Dubliner! They are all released on 4th May 2010 [AXE101] AxemRangers - How Do I Get Out of This Place? (b/card cdr, 10 copies) This track is beautiful; there are no other words for it. Taking up the entire...
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    Henry Rollins Spoken Word Tuesday Jan 12

    I wouldn't be so sure, it was pretty full last year.
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    Drone Doom Krautrock Ambient

    I'm up for making noise. Mic/amp/pedal noise. Anyone interested?
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    Venue Hire 2010- a price update?

    Bombidol. Stupid question, but where is the Exchange? I've never heard of it. It's not the art space, Exchange Dublin is it?
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    What movie did you watch last night?

    Pink Flamingoes. Though god knows why... there was only about 10 minutes that were anyway decent.
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    NOISE: Where is This - In the Privacy of Your Own Home

    Gotta do the self-promotion. And thanks for the compliment :D
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    NOISE: Where is This - In the Privacy of Your Own Home

    Hope I've posted this in the right forum... First release out. 33 pro-duplicated c40's. Whilst not as harsh as the stuff I'd be doing now (this was written two years ago). I'm still really proud of this record. <MORE DETAILS THAN YOU WILL EVER NEED BELOW> "In the Privacy of Your Own Home...
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    Looking to start a Noise group

    Hey, My name is Mark, and I make noise music, and I'm looking to find others to form a band with in Dublin. A good few samples of my noise are here (; there's also electronica on there too but don't let that worry you - I've everything on the same...
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    Scorsese, Allen, Aronofsky&others join "FREE POLANSKI" petition

    Wow. He makes movies. That makes him having sex with a thirteen year old girl SO much better. It's his art that's the main thing right? *headdesk*
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    What Book Did You Read Last Night???

    Cosmic Trigger I: Final Secret of the Illuminati by RAW
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    Hair Police (USA, No Fun) + De Novissimis - Upstairs, Whelans

    I'm definetly going to this if I can!
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    Cannot wait for this. Got my tickets a couple of days ago :D
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    How do you sumbit event details to be advertised?

    So yeah, can't find an email/way to post details of gigs here. Is there a way, a form to fill out, or an email to send details to. Thanks!